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We cannot solve our problem with the same thinking we used when we created them.
We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.
(a quote by the late Albert Einstein)

Money just makes you more off what you are…

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Thanks to, whom I call…
The ones in the beginning…
…from whom I still learn:
Russel Brunson, Charles Ryder, Mike Dillard, Dereck Gehl, Darren Gaudry, John Denton, Mack Michaels, Mike T. Glaspy, Mike Filsaime, Bob Proctor, Jamar Andrews…
…and Mr, Reversed Funnel System himself… Ty Caughlin.
(Go on-line and start following these people a.s.a.p !!!)
…and in the mean time many more.

Were ever you all are, what ever you do…

I like to thank you from the bottom off my heart for having been there. For not giving up against all odds and showing me there was ‘’another way’’.
For the modern age pioneer hero’s you undoubtedly are.

I like to give a very very special thank you to my own back-up team, friends, partners and co-creators Pete Marchall and Praghosh from VIDEOMAILPOST.
Robert Doof and Rene de Wit from DEKS Multi media.

To Marc Andrews from adrews:degen, top Education Phsychologist Wouter van Dam and Arend Jan te Velde from FlevoIct. Ben van der Kieft SOOPERFOOD ace, Eelco van Essen from WIJNENZO and Klaas Albers.
Thank you for your continued first hand support, your input, your precious time and faith.

Thank you movie makers, story tellers, music people, bakers, craftsman and woman, artists and poets.
Thank you to all my fellow 12 steppers, and my Avatar Master colleagues.

My heart is with you all.
…will continue in SALESFUNNELS Part 3  CLICK HERE >>> to go there NOW!

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