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Before we continue…The following…
I Like your undivided attention for a moment please.
Before we continue with getting a big payout commission (CPA) promo code.
And before we start making a few small videos to set up a simple Squeeze Page, a One Time Offer Page (OTO), an Up-sell Page and a Thank You + Tell a Friend Page…

just a moment to really make you aware off …something revolutionary !
I have seen aweber, GetResponse and icontact (…the 3 leading auto responder software programs) grow to become sooper dooper email campaign management systems.

I just beg off you, for a split second for your attention  …so I can introduce you ones again to a very easy, user friendly eMail Campaign manager called…
     Image      Infusionsoft_Drag_and_Drop_Campaign_Maker_auto_Time_Scedule_001
INFUSIONSOFT at this moment, is without a doubt, the flagship off auto responder eMail managers.

Infusionsoft features:
Visual Campaign Mapping Drag and Drop CAMPAIGN MAKER Interface

Some thing You HAVE to see yourself to believe it.

I repeat…Drag and Drop Interface. Never seen before !
It will change your Income life forever!  I promise!

The moment I saw this simple Drag and Drop Interface Campaign set up system software of Infusionsoft my life had not been the same.
Honestly fantastic !!!

Now that’s out off the way…We can continue… Image


…also known as CPA Platform Websites!
(CPA’s means ‘’cost per aquisition’’)
As you may have noticed …there are a lot off products and services on-line all ready.
All kinds of Super HOT Services, Software, Programs or regular goods.

Click HERE to receive the whole SALESFUNNELS123  eBook FREE

Most services, software programs or plain old products are promoted on different platforms or made into network structures like, for example, Amway or Tupperware …but than completely on-line.
(on special equipped web sites).

You can also become a resell licence holder and offer other products on these platforms like JVzoo, Offervault, Warriorforum and Clickbank!

The owners or licensed resellers offer these products and services to the world …to also make money that way …in Exchange for commissions.
(…often very big commissions)
$500, $ 1000 or $1500 commissions are not at all uncommon.
Especially membership software companies give huge commissions when you bring in new members.

See the Demo Video Your-Self…Easy and Simple as American Apple Pie

And Expect miracles !
Any one (…after qualifying / which is easy) is allowed to resell anything and get paid a percentage of the revenue (sales) that you generated yourself by recommending products and services to others.
(on-line or else-wise)
They do have to commit though!
You often do NOT get paid just for the traffic !

So really follow up and use your proper proven Personal Relationship Building and Sales Skills.
Take action! Do not wait.
Entrepreneurs MAKE things happen!!!
That is the true meaning of the French word ‘’Entrepreneur’’:
‘’He (or She off-course) …whom makes things happen.’’

We ALL NEED a PepTalk!

ROCKS…THORNS….GLASS!   Time to DO something…
I want to be in the one that leads to AWESOME!

MORE DETAILS  to make this world Awesome IN MY NEW  EBOOK   SALESFUNNELS123 ….So get to it!   Play ball : )
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CPA Commission codes …This is called affiliate marketing.
You can become an affiliate of as many organizations and products as you please.

The world is your oyster…The pearls are for the taking…
You are the master cultivator.

You can set up as many SALES FUNNELS as you want.
It  NOW all depends on YOU yourself  …How much you earn!

Here is a much used platform to become a (FREE) member of and get your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) promo-codes (personal offer link linked to your account) of already made software and programs in high demand.

So NOW you can use those in your traffic Campaigns articles, press releases and 1 liners…blogs, banners, ads etc…and Start making Money On-line Immediately!
HOTTEST CPA code Marketeers Platform there is.

Use the promo-links as hyper links in your campaigns content.
A big amount off real big Money Earning Successful Internet Entrepreneurs gather here.

Go and make relations and work together on Joint Venture agreements, Affiliate deals and make use off ALL the info, Tips&Tricks the offer.

By the WAY: A Great Pro-Software Tool is Infusionsoft ! Easy ”idiot-proof” Drag and Drop Unlimited Campaign Maker putting your marketing on complete auto-pilot !
Got to see the demo video   >>CLICK HERE to DO so<<

You are NOW in the major league.

Hyper-links are active words in social media 1liners, banners, test reports, articles, blogs, forums, press releases or ads were (when you click on them) send readers (automatically) to an on-line website that is linked with your account.
So YOU can get paid YOUR commissions of YOUR traffic !

This linking is done with genealogy software (family-tree systems) and matrix software (calculation systems) …so they can figure out who is sending who to calculate your commission.
Get Your SALESFUNNELS stap by step eBook FREE>>> (click here)

Get the picture?
DO YOU Get the feeling how  POWERFUL this REALLY is !!!

Close your eyes for a minute and feel yourself all ready living the life you really want.
NOW you begin to start getting the REAL way to life it!
Do regular visualizations this way. IT REALLY WORKS!

Enough Dreaming…Let’s get you your own Promo Code for THIS product so start Making Money right away!
You can start to make commissions right away with this eBook and other up-sell  products you promote.
It is this simple !

…HERE IS a way to get YOUR OWN SALESFUNNEL123 PROMO CODE…and start making money right away !
(follow some simple instructions)  >>CLICK HERE AND GO GET IT<<

Just start driving traffic…
Create Visitors (traffic) any way you can and Earn Money Right Away…
(perhaps after having made your Sales Funnels complete)
In The OticScript (my 1st eBook) ..and a little further IN this e-Book or article
I will tell you EXACTLY how to get unlimited amounts of people to your SALESFUNNELS123 or other promo codes and Sales Funnels.

There are many CPA platforms in the mean time.
I am suggesting you use one 1 first and do 1campaign@atime

Just get familiar and sign up for FREE.

Here are some respected marketeers you can look for in order to start getting to know them and do business with:

Ronnie Nijmeh
Robert Kennedy
Peter Deg
Tony Sheperd
Simon Lim
Michael X
Phillip M. King
Mell Kryger
Susan Whitehead
John Tanner
Rich Rojas
Phil Hederson
Mike Dibos
Richie Reveley
Irwan Rohaizad
Joe Chengery III
Chris Diffort

Please give my regards to them.
It is a matter of granting each other the best.
Helping one and other !
Let’s stay in the Higher Mind Modi and stay creative versus competitive!
This way we can truly make a difference in the world.

I DO suggest you ONLY start with 1 CPA commission Affiliate Platform at this moment. Create your first cash flow before going to the next. Finish 1 whole SALESFUNNELS123  5 MODULES procedure first before expanding. Just see how fast you can manage though.

Here 3 other trustworthy professional affiliate CPA platforms to consider and play with:


Have a look at this one HUGE platform too please:

Shop around and make your self at home.
Get in the grove…the money making on-line marketers grove…
$500, $ 1000 or $1500 commissions are not at all uncommon!
Here is a software product that pays those kind off Commissions CASH for EVERY member you bring in! >>>CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DEMO VIDEO<<<

Rob Buser
Lets get on with Part 6: MODULE 3 VIDEOS >>>>click HERE>>>>> Image


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