shoot the videos

in 3 parts…
1 equipment
2 find your form
3 outsourcing

keep it simple …make it fun…

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shoot the videos
1 equipment
equipment 004

* flip camera
* smart-phone
* home video
* green-screen

* flip camera

Mino Flip camera’s were soooo late 1900…
flip 001

I still remember buying and receiving my first one….
I felt like a movie producer.
Still do as a matter off fact!
Flip camera’s in my eyes still have that…

Not only the original out flipping off the usb connection, the user friendliness, the quality or singleness off purpose.
…Yet when you ever worked with Flip camera’s the feeling working with smart-phones or even big expensive equipment is not the same.

Flip camera’s are magic!

The company stopped producing them…to the best off my knowledge. It is my promise to you I will do my best to start a Flip camera revolution…

Even start a website that just buys and sells Flip camera’s ONLY.

…and when I really look deep in my heart…
…re-start, re-finance, re-plan and re-design the original production and bring them on the market again!
…and that is a promise…
(if it already isn’t done by the time you read this!

Go right ahead and get your Flip Camera out !!!

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* smart-phone
Smart-phone video possibilities are the most obvious to use right away.
smart phones 001

One of the reasons why Mino Flip cameras stopped making them is smart phones. Now a days smart-phones almost always come with a video options.

So what are you waiting for?
Take your smart-phone and start producing your own personal branding SALESFUNNEL123 videos. You have all you need. Just do it!

* home video

You have done it ….or some one you know done it.
home videos 001
Home videos.
Some one, some were there are home videos off you or you made some off your kids or what ever.

NOW …get that cameras out off the draw and start making your SALESFUNNEL123 videos. Act as if you make a home video.

Behind or in-front of the camera. Have fun!
Do it yourself or maybe even ask your children or wife or husband to do it.

* green-screen

A more ‘’professional’’ way of shooting videos.
green screen 002

Green screen videos are those videos you shoot with a green screen behind it so you can project any thing you like behind you.

Now green-screen is a whole other story…but hold on…

Cheap and very expensive yet very good. (..have a look on google)
Do not worry. You can already start with green-screen video productions for near to nothing.
You  can buy green-screen sets quit cheap all-ready on-line. Editing programs are also plenty available.

With green-screen videos the possibilities are limitless. It is not necessary but a lot off fun to add quality videos next to the other types.

Make-Up, Lights, Quit on the Set…
action 001


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Time to have a lot off FUN now!

2 find your form

Here are some different forms off video making you may consider using.
acting forms 001
Try out several…Why not?

* in your face

* waist up
* interviews
* screen-shot
* use a prop
* words while reading
* doodles

* in your face

In Your Face videos are those you see on YouTube a lot. Just your head-shot.
in your face 002
Just a face and talking.

That’s what we call In Your Face style.
Every One can do it.

Put your camera on a tripod or a cardboard shoe-box, press the record button, …Start Talking. When you make a boohoo just keep rolling…as if you were there with the other person live!

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a next example off video forms is…
* waist up

Waste Up videos are just what they say…From your waste up.
waist up 001
It’s just a little bit more away from the camera. So people can see a bit more of you.

You can use your arms and hands that way as-well. Waste Up videos are preferred by most pro’s. You do not have to though. Just another way. Do both, do them all.

Experiment and start feeling free with all forms if you please.

* interviews

Interviews is a style or form that sounds more complex than it really is.
interview met flip 001
Just take some one near you and ask:
‘’ Would you be so kind to interview me about …
‘’What the no.1 secret off making money on-line is ?…please’’
…and they will …most off the time.

Ask your partner, daughter, son, neighbor, best friend…
Have them introduce you for example.

It give the videos a new perspective and adds credibility
…and is a lot off fun for the attention seeking ego.

You feel like a specialist and a movie star all in one.
…Which YOU ARE !

* screen-shot

ScreenShots require software.
camtasia 001  jing 001
You can download FREE screen-shot software anytime.
Camtasia or JingProject come to mind.

Screen shots are perfect for showing any image or demo while commenting to what you are explaining or telling.
Most Video tutorials are made that way.

For SALESFUNNELS123 videos it can be used as well.

* use a prop

Using a prop is something you can see 2 ways.
props 001
1 A prop is some thing you use in front off the camera to show or demonstrate the viewers something.
2 Or it can be used INSTEAD off having your face in the picture.

Use any thing…
I’ve heard off people that were to shy and used a brown bag with holes in it to aim the camera to while they acted being in the brown bag talking in a hanky…
Use anything you can imagine…

Be creative…Have lots off fun…

* words while reading

Words While Reading is a form a lot off marketeers use these days.
words on screen 003scrolldeck 002
It had double impact !
The whole idea is to slide show or scroll the words you say during the video also as a screen-shot.

So people HEAR and SEE it !
ear 001       AND      eye 001
That’s the magic off the Words While Reading Style videos
You do not have to have fancy software.
One way is to use paper and markers and just tape the sheets to your kitchen cabinet.

Another way is to use your script on your computer-screen and aim the camera
at your screen while you scroll or click through the right (large enough)
text while talking.

Make it pretty or plain…
Only use keywords or the whole script…
It’s up to You.

Words While Reading is very effective.
hear see talk no evil 001

HEAR no evil   SPEAK no evil   SEE no evil
You can make it any way you want it.
This style really gets you to think more about using the right words somehow.

I strongly re-comment you experimenting with it.

Good Luck and LOTS off creative FUN!

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* mind-maps       *mind-maps       *mind-maps
simple ones…elaborate ones…artsy…elementary…any style…

MINDSET 004    mindmap 001

use or for example…
prezi mindmaps 001       bubbl mindmap 001Mind-Maps are drawings that consist out off a lot off aspect together
…all linked to one and other somehow. Mind-Maps are really…

‘’Your Mind Mapped Out !’’
We all make them. and if we don’t …we should.

Mind-Maps are a wonderful way to put your ideas, your dreams, visions, concept, plans ALL together on 1 sheet off paper (or 1 page on your computer) and are 2 on-line software programs I strongly recommend using to help you make your VIDEOS. You can even record them with fantasia or jing, or use them as a concept tool or as a script.

Mind-Maps have a spiritual up lifting effect.
eye in the sky 001
When ever I get stuck ……I Mind-Map.
Please try this for yourself.

TEST:   Take ANY obstacle in your life, any challenge or upset…
Take a piece off paper and a pen and start making a random Mind-Map. Just put down words, signs, picture, shapes…whatever comes to mind…

And than start seeing connections, draw lines to and from…and circles and arrows…conclusions, insides…

…even bigger or simpler new ideas and new innovations come to the surface.

Stretch yourself…get out off the box…MIND-MAPS
stairway to heaven 001
Mind-Map your mind empty…Go on an Adventure…

* doodles

Doodles are created out off your imagination and are ALWAYS great to use.
doodles 002  doodles 004
Do not ever never be hesitant in using yours or some one else his or her Doodle to express your self.
Doodles come from a place you call your subconsciousness.
There were original creations are born. The place God lives.

Your soul in form.

Use DOODLES to get to a concept…a NEW idea or something original…
A doodle squeeze page video?…Never seen yet! Be the FIRST!

Soul drawings are called Doodles.
Creations off pure value.

To DOODLE saves lives…
Mind-mapping is a form off Doodling
(if such a word exists / now it does!)
…and is there for so unique and popular…

Scan them in or create them straight on your computer.
For every doodle there is a specific type of individual that feels a special connection.
You can touch people that way.

The word individual comes from UNDIVIDED ….
unique 005

Unique = One with ALL!
One with ALL !

The sad reality in this day and age is that we are being bombarded with indoctrination and power mad commercial media giants, power mind-sick politicians, land leaders, criminal businessman and woman …and confused religious leaders
unique 008

It is now so screwed up that even pedagogues and psychiatrists really thing INDIVIDUAL and UNIQUE is being different.
unique 004
…So screwed up that our poor parents (most/if not all war-children) teach us to be UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL as if it is to separate us from the REST???!!
unique 003

Doodles are a very subtle form of art…a subtle way to return to your source being.
Art can NEVER be approved on…

It is original.
You are original !
(made out off the place were everything originate)
drop of water 001

Doodle Doodle Doodle

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3 outsourcing

VIDEO OUTSOURCING is very possible and payable…
outsourcing 001
Other People are Happy to have the business and creative opportunity.

*,, etc. etc.
* pretty neighbor
* your kids
* actors
* students
* your downline




Outsourcing is soooo entrepreneurial !
Outsourcing is so wonderful when done with the up-most respect and cooperation.
Not only for your videos but for all kinds off aspects off your business it is THE solution.
outsourcing 004

When you can teach others to make a living with the creative process you are taking part off right now …and they are willing to help you do it so you can even do more and more wonderful things in this world…win win.

Right now there are a lot off entrepreneurs making a living by just outsourcing and helping others to do outsourcing for them.

Outsource agents.
In countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Bulgaria, India etc.
this industry is booming.
Small tasks delegated to those that also want to make a living creates whole
life changing patterns and industries.

Outsourcing is THE way to go!
…and when you are new and broke…just start on the other side !
BE an outsourcer and start making some dough Bro!

I’ll give you plenty FUN work and opportunity…  Just contact me.

Online Platforms like…,, etc. etc. are geared for it!

These are names off websites you can find freelance writers, video makers, programmers and web designers…script writers and plain old other entrepreneurial artsy fartsy spirits.

Please have a look at all off them and use your imagination working as One Common Force.
Lots off hand make life easier…
Lots off different skills put together makes you much more than wanting
to do everything yourself…

Please Check out fiverr in particular.
fiverr 001
There every task is done for five bucks.

Amazing quality work done for $5.
fiverr 002
You have to have a fiverr experience.

Promotion Video’s, squeeze pages, article writing, acting, Mind-Mapping, programming….even singing etc. etc etc.
The craziest ideas, products and services offered for a fiverr…

a Great way to get things done you normally would not have.
It also is a clever way to do networking…

I’ve seen entrepreneurs use fiverr etc. to fulfill jobs again for a third party..
Why not.

Use your entrepreneurial  noodle !

* pretty neighbor
With pretty neighbor I mean go and get adventurous.
brad pitt 001    ugly gal 002
Ask a pretty neighbor to do a video FOR you.
Just because… Nothing personal, nothing rude.

Just go and ask a pretty gal or dude to DO a few small VIDEOS for you
…and reward them if you please.
Get them involved and EVEN make them your down-line.
pretty gal 001    ugly man 001
Heck…you are the Entrepreneur.
Just go out off your comfort zone and set up your system
with pretty people on your videos.
When it works I’ll guarantee you they want to be your associates.

Say to yourself or out loud… ‘’It’s not about me.’’
Feel the frustration gently till it’s gone completely…repeat that until there is nothing left and DO it !
So..go and knock on a few doors…have fun…get out off your comfort zone…

* your kids
Well…do I  have to explain…
kid president 001
Come on…I’m talking about Kids ! …say no more !

There is NOTHING more powerful then a kid doing Grownup stuff.
kid president 004
Even when they are a bit older…

It’s still a huge adventure and bonding memory ones done.
Teach your KIDS to teach YOU be the KID again.
Let it happen…give a few hinds and let it happen !

THE KID PRESIDENT…make my day everytime again.
kid president 003
See him on YouTube please    PLAY >>>

TIP: (a useful Avatar Course suggestion)
See the world again trough babies eyes…
Practice this as much as possible. When-ever, Were-ever. 

…and what ever happens…

NOW …Please take a minute and get A PEPTALK !!!! >>>>

The true Story of Kid President

(nice to have you back again…PEPPED UP!?>>> time to move onward>>>)

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* actors

Actors or actors in the making plenty full in these creative times…
actors 001
Visit (live or on-line) a few acting (or regular) schools and studios to introduce yourself.

Tell them your objectives…
The rest will go automatically.
actors schools 001  actors schools 002 actors schools 004  actors schools 005  actors schools 006  actors schools 007  actors schools 008   actors schools 009

Ones actors or actor students see the potential to grow and express them selves YOU become the biggest movie maker you always dreamed about.

Instant feeling off gratitude and glory.

It is marvelous to work with factors and learn from them.
The GUTS they have to feel different aspect and then ALSO act them out…
…is unsurpassed.

Do NOT mistake acting with pretense !
2 complete different ”modies of operatus”…
1=deliberate (faith based and takes guts)
2=stuck in a past-or future creation (from fear based / feels yucky)
real superman 001     pretending 007

* students

Student have tasks from their (for them) often boring schools.
actors schools 003
Maybe make your project one off those tasks.
Be creative with these young minds.
Be open-minded, gentle and comforting.

On 1 project I was working on I had 100% off the individual tasks delegated to a team off students. They were able to work ANY WERE, ANY TIME and WHEN EVER they felt like. Total freedom resulted in 30% more done!
The only thing I had to do was teach them ones...and teach them to teach and delegate and the project took off. This was even BEFORE I had Video Tutorials.

Now the best part! They were paid by a company that was my client while they were building and expanded my Network. All this WHILE we were learning the process we now sell ! (without cheating the contractor)

Delegate Your Whole Online Business

You know. …
When the teacher becomes the student of the student great this happen.

(a commercial) Again, you can use TOP professional auto-responder software like Infusionsoft
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* your down-line

This is for those whom are all ready established Net-workers.
network 001
Those whom have what you call a Down-line.
People IN their Network they can rely on.

Get them involved in the process and perhaps organize a webinar,
…a seminar or friendly get together…

Tell them they will absolutely thank you later …which they will !

You have something life changing to teach them with these suggestions here in our NEW SALESFUNNELS123 NETWORK
network 002

…last but not least (for now)

(next a bonus suggestion >>>)
* back drops
Backdrops are nature, walls, pictures, or what ever you arrange as the back were you are in-front off.
backdrops 008
Use sheets, colorful walls, green screen methods, just beach towels, paintings, posters…existing big ticket brand-name advertisements on train stations
…lights and or shadows
backdrops 003  backdrops 007  bilboards on trainstations 004
Experiment or not at all and let it happen.

When you are in a upper mind set you automatically make good videos with interesting backdrops.  You will notice that in the backdrop.

The world is a reflection off you.

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UP To the NEXT part! Part 8 …
The Making of 4 real Online Pages as your Sales Funnel in which you are going to use these videos…

  • 1) SQUEEZE page
  • 2) OTO (OneTimeOffer) page
  • 3) UPSELL page
  • 4) THANK YOU & TELL A FRIEND combi page

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