Sales Funnel Ultimate Marketing Psychology Reveales Secrets of Pro-Marketeers on VIDEO

Sales Funnel Marketing Psychology Reveales Secrets of Pro-Marketeers on VIDEO
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I still just shoot anything worth sharing on my Flip camera. a 27 seconds to 3 or 5 minutes simple video NOW becomes Personal Branding.

I Upload that VIDEO to a YouTube Channel (I have several)…then put it on a Blog with the content related to that subject aggregated from Google I also used to shoot the VIDEO with…

Than I send the link off that blog post to article writers which write original content (120 character) 1 liners for twitter, press releases, white papers, e-books and short articles for on Facebook and alike…JUST FOR ME !!!

I made deals with some of the most brilliant ARTICLE WRITERS around to put hyper links opening different Sales Funnels, dynamic Websites and Blog sites in a new browser in between each 4 to 6 sentences. (The same video is also on those places.)

Here some example of those link sentences:  For a FREE VIDEO on this subject go to…(and than place the hyper-link leading them to my Sales Funnels, Websites and Blogs)

…or…Sick and tired of reading? Click here to SEE this article on a VIDEO …sit back and relax !

(see short demo video CLICK HERE)

The article writers are also instructed to send the content they produced to VA’s (Virtual Assistants) in the Philippines and other upcoming well willing countries.
call centers 001
They posts those 1 liners, press releases, white papers, e-books, videos and articles on a wide variety, well planned out, social media platforms, blogs, forums (or Fora?) and all kinds off ways like RSS feeds, video multipliers, …on banners, paid and non paid adds. At the same time they are instructed and taught to make web 2.0 free and paid websites on the fly just for those issues etc. etc. etc.

social media 003
See-here Organic Traffic into Sales Funnels running on auto pilot in auto responders like Infusionsoft start depositing real cash into my bank accounts. 
What did I do? …

I JUST Made 1 VIDEO with 1 keyword !
THAT’s ALL !!!

thank you 0088
That REAL secret is that I developed a way to aggregate Keywords that people are going to search for in the FUTURE…(You read that well!)

…making it a piece off cake to fill the Internet with content ahead…so that when people DO look …they end up on my pages, my video’s, my blogs, …websites, forums etc. etc.

The Genie is out of the bottle!

WAIT… There is MORE…

OTHER so called VA’s (Virtual Assistants  / I call them my submitters) specialized in the OFF-LINE area like TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Call centers, webinars, fulfillment companies, interview makers etc. …do their rounds with the same material on all the on-line websites those organizations have ….as well as REAL adds in and on REAL TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers, ALL linked back to the on-line Sales Funnels, websites, web-shops and blogs I have running geared with auto responder software like Infusionsoft (demo video CLICK HERE)

real superman 001 …Now you have Ultimate On-line and Off-line Marketing Harmony off a magnitude never seen before on the face off this planet…

We have made this in a software program that does most off these procedures on auto or semi automated ways by means off robots, plug-ins, apps and widgets called the OticScript

All I want to say is that we NOW, like never before live in a time,  were we can be or become just as big as Rupert Murdock or Russell Brunson and Charles Ryder together, in your PJ’s at the comfort off your home with 1 single 27 or 3 minute video, a laptop and Internet connection.

All is totally delegated or automated! The video part can delegate as well to someone in your network, via or mlm down-liner.

Automated Income Sales Funnels and Modern On-line and Off-line Super Duper Serial Entrepreneurship Marketing is totally gone mad.
(click to see demo video)

When you CAN NOT afford to pay us, VA’s or any software yet…DO IT ALL YOURSELF in this following order, 1 keyword at a time, 1 step at a time, 1 video at a time …UNTIL you have some income to start paying or inspiring others slowly but surely !

The very best YET…is to inspire your down-line to start doing this a.s.a.p. so you end up with 0 people working FOR you …yet ALL people working WITH you !

True Leadership is born.

 Nice meeting you yet again or for the very first time.

I see you around …on the beaches off the world.


Rob Buser
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