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zaterdag 15 juni 2013

Crash Course Modern email Marketing Make Your Idears Spread Super BlogPost

Modern Marketing…what are we talking about?

So many guru’s, Marketing Specialists, Adword Campaigns, Social Media Tricks, SEO consultants, Underground Marketers trying to sell you all and everything under the sun… Even there GrandMother…

Black hat and White hat software, …Plug-ins, Widgets, Wizards, MLM and Network Membership systems, Courses, VIDEO tutorials, DVD’s, Inspiration and Self-development Groups, Genealogy Methods and Matrix Code SECRETS!

The list is endless…
It drives you BONKERS!
So here is me…

about 10 years ago I had a vision
4 in the morning (R.E.M. time?)…
I clearly saw a structure that blew my mind.

I took some Chinese-Take-Out-Food-wrapping-paper from a few late night meals before…Taped them together with scotch-tape to make a HUGE canvas…Laid it on the tiled floor…took my paint and brushes out…started drawing, …on bare feet, creating all kinds off colored circles and so on …. 

Now 5 in the morning…went back to sleep with a certain deep unrest!
…a Monster was born…

Well, I have to be very honest with you now…
I have to tell you that that epiphany was after some 3 years intense study on…
”How to become the next On-Line Millionaire in Pajama’s”  
Fool that I was!
It was after about 8 years of Amway, Xocai, ReJuvenated, and 40-some other MLM, Network and Direct Sales Organizations!

Countless courses, Fanatic Amway Rallies, Expensive Network Weekends, e-books, tapes, training sessions, mind- indoctrination crapreligious extremists, persuasion tactics….up-line sponsor coaching guidance, knocking on doors and cold contacting practice runs ….AND a whole bunch off REAL and regular model Brick and Mortar Businesses in Bermuda….Still One off the worlds richest and most beautiful countries with Pink Beaches. You make it there…you make it any were! 

Well…I failed in ALL!    
Some more than others…
Learned a lot…spend a lot…became really ill.

Credit cards busted,
….deep in debt…separated from the lovely mother off my children, living apart from my 2 beautiful daughters themselves …loved ones gone…worked 50 to 60 hour work-weeks on top off that…pretty well classically lost it all…including myself

Made Tons of Transgressions… Committed Soul Crimes. …Created a heap off Character Defects….The List seamed endless and overwhelming.

Soooo …I admitted, asked for help, got on my knees yet another time…made a fearless and moral inventory…gave everything over to Him hat resides over us all…made myself available and able….and went to work on all fronts 1day@atime…

Now…2013…and after some 21 years of self honesty work in 12 step groups I can see it was ME all along keeping me away from Success…Me and myself. My ego going haywire…
Failure = ALL Fear based behavior!   …No one left to blame.

Thank God all-mighty! (…or however you call, experience or perceive Him…)

Being an Avatar Self Development Course teacher also helps me seeing clearly that the Only One that Stopped me Becoming and Being Successful was ME and me only!

Necessity is the mother off Invention. 
Never TO proud…Never to late…Never to lazy.  
Every day is anew!  God really Is …with all of us…
I”ll safe you from all the drama.

I am either the biggest looser or the biggest winner.
That off-course ALL depends on How you look at it!

Russel Brunson
Before I go on…I need to take a moment to inform you about this as well…
A small Ode and Thank You to some one special.
It was during a short video clip of Master Blaster Russel Brunson that I realized something.

He, as a guest speaker on some kind off a marketing event, …and without holding back ANY-thing, told the ”Would-be DotCom Secrets Success Seekers” Class (…they paid $3000 to be there)   What he is ”DOING” every week!  He ran us down the exact actions he took!

That was MY Valhalla awakening   

a Kodak moment.
I played that 1 minute (or so) clip of that course at least a 1000 times! …over and over again!
It was what he was DOING instead off all kinds of difficult theories that makes your stomach Grinch and your head spin of your body..that totally mesmerized meset me off on a Funk I am still on to this day!

For the very first time,
so it seemed yet again, …I could clearly see HOW all my dreams and aspirations could and would be able to be realized!
(…Now…Being an Avatar master I create many a moment like that…mind you !…)
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Russel Brunson, the One&Only King of Modern Marketing, …Lord of Early Days Dormitory Underground Marketing with a huge Smile…Potato Gun DotComSecrets Hero”the” Mini Continuity Video Tutorial Program Inventor …with all his enthusiasm, a spirit only he can utter…telling us What he was Doing! The guy is a true Wizard! Thank YOU Russel.  
I sure hope to meet you in person some day soon! …I somehow feel that will happen.

I extrapolated that very 1 minute or so, …added missing pieces to the puzzle, mind-stretched-it-out beyond the furthest stars in the Universe….crash-landed and came back on earth again…went to a few BRAND name and Intellectual Property Layers, named Zacco (…then they were still called Shieldmark Zacco) …

…Selected 15 names …Decided to Call it The OticScript…  …TheOticUniversity, TheOticNetwork, TheOticFranchise, TheOticWare software versions, TheOticThis … TheOticThat etc. etc. …the whole project became BIG stuff NOW!

…Wrote a 47 page Ultimate Marketing Flow Script …printed it out on my printer…JUST text…Sold a few copies here and there for 50 euro (no good money back guarantee) each…to some interested network people to have it tried out. No-one came back for there MoneyOn the contrarythey LOVED it… 

I was delighted, for the first time in my life, …to be able to turn Knowledge into hard CASH ! …over and over again…

…I aranged a few real-clever-people auditions to pick out and select a pro-mind mapping specialist who could make sense off all the endless loose all-over-the-place-mind-map-drawings I had gathered throughout the years…clicked with a young genius University professor named Wouter…who studied the arts of education…he again knew a German designer Marcwho was willing to make a real funky on-line prezi-presentation of it… 

I and others could SEE it now!  Planet Marketing in 1 glance…it was, and still is, ABSOLUTELY Gob-Smacking…JawDroppinglyFabulous…TheOticScript was Touchable…Presentable…and Workable! …

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(…THE  SAGA continues >>)…By coincidence (God’s way of Staying Anonymous) I met up with a (sort off) ex-Amsterdam Hippy web-duo whom formed a successful Designer and Programmer Team…. They Now my 2 very good friends and trust -worthy partners Robert and ReneWe Made some deals…and started to create a software version of it…and HERE we are!

By the way Every One. Listen Up.
Go Google and type in ”Russel Brunson” will you!…now BUY everything single product or service he has to offer a.s.a.p….and start doing everything he says! Worth gazillions!

The email Modern Marketing BIT is coming…bare with me please…this is important to know!
Being equipped with the following Modern Marketing Wisdom Will put you Miles and Miles Ahead of the rest!

Back to my Vission and what happened…
It went something like this…


It all starts with Keywords…First there was the Word.
Interesting issues, subjects, things, people, products, brands, fashion, trends, music, art, news that is catchy and mind expanding.

…Than go to Google and get some text…CONTENT it’s called…about 200 to 500 words (an article of a blog, a forum comment, or a wikipedia piece etc.) ..and use that as info for the third step… (…like a news reader)


Now After 10 years or so I still just shoot everything and anything worth sharing on my (old) Flip (mino) camera.
Use your smart phone if You please…but JUST DO IT!

I make (about) 27 seconds to 3 or 5 minutes VIDEOS …NOW they are Personal Branding videos. I Upload that to the appropriate YouTube Channel (I have several) … VIDEO scores between 30 to 70% more!…with Personal Branding it’s even more Target Marketing Flipside up…if you know what I mean.


…Than put that VIDEO (with my face on it) on a Blog with that research content of about 200-500 words (random) related to that Keyword generated by Google as well.


…Than SEND the link off that Blog-Post to an article writer whom write original contentespecially for YOU (1 liners for twitter etc, press releases and short articles)…I repeat ”Just for YOU.” ORIGINAL CONTENT is ”the” way to go! 
Well Now…so When you can not effort Article Writers (some are $5 cheap on for example)..but when you CAN NOT effort them yet...Do it yourself! Look and Listen to your own VIDEO and produce those written articles as best as you can. I learn it the hard way too! …and it is lots off fun playing Journalist reporting your own VIDEO’s…You are not only the anchor man, but the writer too! FEELS VERY POWERFULa FREE ego booster!

Now…what is very important is the fact that You give yourself the time Selecting a few very different writers with totally different styles. (again …Budget depending…) In this way You get multiple publication products (articles) attracting several kinds of Readers, Listeners, Likers, Tweeters, Followers, Bloggers and Viewers.

Make It is VERY clear to them that they have to produce several versions like *Social Media One-liners, *140 max character catchy mini blog sentences for twitter, *Short 250 word press releases and articles as well as *Long 1000 or even 2000 word versions. That all depends on the budget You like to spend.

Also make very clear deals with them to put the right hyper links to different Sales Funnels, websites and blog sites (were that same video is on) in between each 4 or 6 sentences. And ”voila” organic traffic into Sales Funnels that are on auto pilot in Drag and Drop  auto responder Campaign Maker software of  Infusionsoft (see short demo video by CLICKING HERE )

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Now comes the FUN part.
  The Home work is done. Prepperation Completed. Now the EXPOSURE part of it all.
Please Witness the most…and 100% Organic Traffic creation that has ever bin seen!

Understand this next paragraph real good:
The Use off VA’s (virtual assistance), via VA-agents, in countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and other upcoming well willing parts of the world is playing a big part in Modern Marketing. I also make use off some of my own Affiliates, Students and Joint Venture Partners.

These people, on their turn, posts those 1 liners, press releases, videos and articles on a very very wide variety well planned out social media platforms, blogs, forums (or Fora?) and all kinds off ways like RSS feeds, video multipliers, on banners, paid and non paid adds, in and on self made web 2.0 free and paid websites made specifically for those issues, niches, subjects etc. etc. etc. (…we call that TheOticScriptLoop …or OticLoop…)

Way advanced versions of those so called On-Line publication OticScriptLoops are done with auto pilot plug-ins, widgets and robots. Making it ”the” absolute largest Organic HyperLink Machine the world has ever seen. 

Some procedures with sub-contracted Human effort, …some totally on auto-pilot.

When-ever a NEW hip Social Media platform, clever software plug-in robot, latest hype MLM system or Publication tool gets invented ….We simply add it on to our Portfolio…It’s that Universal!  It’s that Simple…It IS that Advanced and Versatile!  


Now listen VERY CLOSELY please
Here comes the one off the MOST IMPORTANT PART!
The Money Making Part starts HERE!

Most websites these VA’s, or so called On- and OffLine submitters, place those articles on are MLM systems.
The Hyper-links are mostly ALL off Affiliate or CPA Commission codes and links of Affiliated Programs, Software and Products!  So creating Boundless Income Streams!

100% Hands-Free (build up a % for this off your revenue). Remember ALL YOU do is making a few  VIDEOS(and even that can be outsourced, scheduled and paid for)  

The rest is tottally delegated, automated and taken care off. NO employees…
NO brick and Mortar…NO Limits!   (…read these last 3 small paragraphs at least 3 x please…and let it sink in slowly…)


Some CPA Commissions pay out whopping $1.000 or even $1.500 per member that comes to them via my links. …Could be yours 2!  It’s that simple!

…and that’s not all!

Now the next WAVE goes out...

Other so called VA’s (Virtual Assistance  / I call them my submitters) specialized in the OFF-LINE area like TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Call centers, webinars, fulfillment companies, interview makers etc. …do there round with the same article and Video material on all the on-line websites those Old Fashion Off-Line organizations have in the mean time.  The Moderm Marketing Boat starts rocking!

They place those articles and videos on those sites as well as REAL adds in and on REAL old fashion TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers, and again ALL ORGANICALLY linked back to the on-line Sales Funnels, websites, web-shops and blogs I have running geared with auto responder software like Infusionsoft and aweber (see short demo video CLICK HERE)  (or click >>)
…and ”voila” (French for ”see here”) …Megga Kablink Kabling…

…Now you really have Ultimate On-line and Off-line  MARKETING HARMONY.
EXPOSURE…. The kind and magnitude Never-Ever seen before on the face of this Planet! 

a Bigger and Better way of Total Flow and Overview. Of Total use of New and Old Media Exposure is yet to be invented.  

The next step is owning TV, RADIO, MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS. Owning own Call Centers and so on…Just buy shares I guess. More and more Automation and Evangelizing…game over! 


BUT LISTEN.   The real CRAZY part is coming NOW.
The real fun and bizar part is that we have made this in a software program
and Membership Platform that does most off these elaborate procedures on auto or semi automated ways by means off robots, plug-ins, apps and widgets as well as delegated to those Virtual Assistants …called ”the OticScriptPlatform”

Although I am thinking of giving it a different CATCHY Marketing Name sooooo STAY TUNED and start following us! Pre-Register were ever you see the opportunity come by …and do everything possible to get on board this wild adventure!

…different packages…FREE trial runs, …Profit Sharing Joint Venture agreements, …Affiliation Network Structure and very very Low Cost Start Up Deals available…

Making theOticScript and TheOticPlatform and it’s side kick software ”THE” up-most complete tool and Network ThingumaJigger ….Something GREAT for ANY Small, Medium or Big (and Huge) Company...of ANY niche and type the world over!

Well Now…Not to brag about it, …but all I want to say, and ALL I want to show you…is that we NOW, like never EVER before …Life in a time,  were we can be …or become… just as big as Rupert Murdock on 1 side …and on the other On-line side as clever and exposed as people like Russel Brunson, Derek Gehl, Charles Ryder and alike ALL together ….ALL in your PJ’s at the comfort off your home with 1 single 27 or 3 minute video, a laptop and Internet connection. GO FIGURE!

All is totally delegated or automated! 100% ALL! …And again…for the real Lazy Megalomaniacs Modern Marketers, Media Freaks and Social Media Dare Devils amongst us…even the video part one can delegate and have someone in your network or mlm down-line do for you…they appreciate, most off the time, the extra cash opportunity! Let them have it please. …or go to platforms like etc…  

To Delegate is to Rule!    With ALL respect off course! Up to a Better World!

BUT NOW THE PROMISED PART…The Fully Automated email PART! …almost forgot!
There is more!

Now that You are all over the place On-and Off Line  I’TS TIME FOR the Big Leaque!
The Master Blaster Fun starts ….It’s Sales Psychology Effect Time….  Namely…by means off…

..check out this email CRASH COURSE just released revealing ALL those nifty Secrets!..

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JUST Follow the Yellow Brick road of Modern email Marketing 1VIDEOtutorial@aTime. 

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Lesson 10 (NO VIDEO) Just a Friendly Reminder to place your credentials beneath every Sales Funnel or Presentation… 

Just a fiendly reminder to close off with Your Credentials.

These are my Credentials…Use Yours…
Close off All your Presentations with them.

Now Please Continue FOR some super XTRA info
From the One and Only Seth Godin himself. 

Lesson 11 (Click Play the VIDEO of Marketing Master Seth Godin)


One off the worlds very leading marketing experts…in One off His most Brilliant TED Talks…

Make Your Ideas Spread…
Be different…and Remarkable!

Lesson 12 (Click Play VIDEO)

There is Gold in The River…
There is Gold in The River!

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Aplaus…Gongrats…I am very proud off YouYou made it.
That is very special.
Pad yourself on your back!   You deserve a Hug!

I see you around on the beaches off the world.

Automated Income Sales Funnels and Modern On-line and Off-line Super Duper Serial Entrepreneurship Marketing is totally gone mad.
(see short Infusionsoft demo video )

Nice meeting you here yet again or for the very first time.


Rob Buser
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