10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch and How to Use them to Make Money with Them

How do you Use the 10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch to Make Money with Them Yourself ?

Here some basic Tips and Tricks for Entrepreneurs…before you see the videos…

  • Make sure everything presented is on an environment that is linked with something you sell (on your blogs or websites, facebook pages etc…A Blog a day will keep the doctor away!)
  • Make sure everything is presented in a way others know YOU gave it to them as well (sign the article, add a picture or (even better) a video of you on it and put ALL your credentials on it with hyper link opportunities to click threw to your info pages, Infusionsoft Sales Funnels and Web-Shops)
  • Make sure others are motivated (by giving incentives) to send them to others while the others still see it comes from You (Tell a Friend options / viral with 100% FREE eBooks, webinars, 1on1 training sessions on Skype etc. etc. etc…)
  • Make sure it is given with an attitude to really help others to go Forward in Life (keep in mind what other need to have, know or become and make sure you deliver the solutions all the way, how, were, when or with whatever it takes!)
  • Make sure you are spinning all info in a way it makes sense for others to purchase Your Services and Products (…without spamming, indoctrination or pushiness don’t forget to make sure You are being left out. It is oke to sell, oke to charge money for your advice, goods or services. There is Nothing spiritual about Poverty)


My only interest here is to show you that there is another way. These top 10 videos can changes your mind from a follower to a leader.
From a hard worker to a creator. From keeping a chair warm with a set salary to an Entrepreneurial attitude. From idea to ACTION!

With other words …to get you thinking and acting different. To get you off your but and start contributing in life even better than what you are doing now.

THIS will be off NO value when I leave out the tools with How you can do that the best!
So….before you watch these videos I warn you….

  • Do NOT look at them when you want to stay the same!
  • Do NOT look at these videos when you are 100% happy the way IT is!
  • Don’t even consider viewing these YouTube flicks when you are not looking to engage in a more creative process making this planet a better place then when you found it!

In order to contribute and make things worth while I am going to bother you just as long as you let me. I am begging you to click me away, unlike me and even criticize me or un-follow my twitter account.

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So between every video I will remind you to either watch a short demo video or download a 100% FREE eBook with great tips and tricks, attent a Free webinar or simply see a real testimonial.

For me the ONLY purpose of educating you in becoming an Entrepreneur via these 10 fantastic videos is to spin you to the absolute most revolutionary software development products I have noticed in the last 10  years. Drive you mad about it! Crazy boners about the one and only Rolls Royce under Campaign making programs that will bring your organization to heights you could have only dared to dream off before.

So sit back, relax and DO enjoy these mind changing videos while also being able to put that what you learn in them into practice.

Here is to your success.
Here is to a better world.

Here is to the future NOW with Infusionsoft Drag and Drop Campaign Maker Interface software helping us making it come true.

Here are the ”10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch” and in between Top Tips and Tricks – HOW to Make Money with Them Yourself ?

Developing the CEO Within You

This YouTube video seeks to help aspiring executives prepare themselves to be strong CEO candidates in the future.

Professor Joseph Bower from the Harvard Business School believes anyone hoping to hold a corner office someday should be able to ask serious questions—and answer them objectively—about their own work and the work produced by the company. Becoming a CEO is all about constantly learning and improving oneself—and later, others—to establish a true role within a company, instead of merely being a placeholder. Bower also recommends that CEOs-in-training take an interdisciplinary approach to networking, thus promoting innovation within the company.

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Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

How can you hire highly skilled workers, persuade them to work for free, and then release your product to the masses for free?

It’s not impossible; in fact, several active companies such as Linux and Wikipedia has accomplished this feat. In this video, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce gives a comprehensive animated seminar on what motivates workers to work, and how to take advantage of that as a business. This video, which is animated entirely on a whiteboard, is extremely valuable, especially for those marketing and sales professionals. The animation is clean, clever, and imaginative, and illustrates the various studies and research used in this piece extremely well.

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Muhammad Yunus: The Social Business Model

Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus runs one of the few socially responsible banks in the world: Grameen Bank,

…which provides small loans to poor people and entrepreneurs with no collateral to help them become financially self-sufficient. Yunus, who also serves on the UN Foundation’s board of directors, describes how he created his social business model, and how others can create benevolent businesses of their own. Socially responsible businesses succeed because their bottom lines focus on others, rather than on profit alone—Yunus believes this creates an incredible opportunity for start-ups in many destitute sectors, such as healthcare. “Should we leave everything to the decisions of the profit maximizers, so that their benefit is what decides the world?”

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Can a “Green” Business Also Be a Profitable One?

While “going green” has been popular over the last decade, many businesses are still reluctant to switch over,

…fearing the cost of installing these systems outweighs the benefits. One YouTube video featuring Gary Hirshberg, president and CEO of organic food company Stonyfield Farm, explains how a business can go green and become environmentally responsible while still being profitable. Since going green 18 years ago, Hirshberg reports that Stonyfield Farm has grown over 24 percent annually—the rest of the organic food industry, meanwhile, is only growing four percent annually. Hirshberg believes non-renewable energy is the most inflationary cost in society, and explains why every project presents an opportunity to practice sustainability and make a difference.

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Seth Godin: Ideas That Spread, Win

In an address to the Greater Baltimore Technology Council in 2006, author, entrepreneur, and marketing expert Seth Godin summed up the importance of marketing with a very simple phrase: “Ideas that spread, win.”

Godin cites how one of the greatest inventions of all time, sliced bread, wouldn’t be anywhere without marketing. In fact, for about 17 years after it was invented, no one bought sliced bread. There was no market for it, and people didn’t know why they would need sliced bread. It took another company, the Taggart Baking Company in Indianapolis, to market the style and make it popular. Taggart’s original creation, Wonder Bread, is now produced by three separate companies in three different countries.

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The Best Business Advice on Donny Deutsch Show From the CEO

Before ending in December 2008, CNBC’s talk show “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”

…welcomed in successful businessmen and women to discuss their histories and philosophies, providing great advice for would-be entrepreneurs across the country. In 2006, Deutsch sat down with CEO of Sketchers Robert Greenberg to discuss what distinguishes successful businesses from unsuccessful ventures. Greenberg’s answer? Persistence. “If you start down any road, there’s always going to be a left or right turn. You just can’t see it from the starting line,” Greenberg says. “Just don’t ever stop trying.”

Your TopTip: Be a great example of perseverance, tenacity and resilience. Never give up, never give in. Deliver. Satisfy. Repeat. Earning Your Customers’ Loyalty (and Repeat Business)
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Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

College graduation ceremonies are always filled with inspiring words, especially for those students about to enter the professional world.

In 2005, Stanford managed to wrangle Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs, one of the most successful and innovative businessmen of all time, who offered three stories to the graduating student body. Jobs retells why he dropped out of college, how he got fired from his own company, and how he dealt with his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The common thread linking these stories is the ability to overcome the odds and persevere at the lowest moments in life, a great and encouraging lesson for any struggling business owner.

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Energizing Office Yoga

A number of recent studies have revealed that sitting is worse for you than previously thought.

Too much sitting at the desk causes low blood circulation, lower metabolism, and an increased risk for heart disease. Apart from offices with built-in gyms and exercise rooms, workers have few ways to get their blood pumping during the day. This video offers several ways workers can quietly exercise within their limited desk area. The 10-minute video offers a diversity yoga stretches built for office workers, and while some movements may be embarrassing, these invigorating exercises will make office workers more balanced, energetic, and effective throughout the day.

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How to Craft Your 300-Second Elevator Pitch or Networking Introduction

Making the sale is all about how you structure your pitch. How do you introduce yourself?

What information do you present in the first ten seconds? How do you finish? Executive coach and public speaker Kathy McAfee explains how to properly construct an elevator pitch to maximize your time efficiency. McAfee argues that while showing excitement for your product is important, it’s paramount to show restraint and tease the audience into wanting more. Once you get into the conversation with the audience, McAfee shows how to keep potential investors interested without letting them dominate the discussion.

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Entrepreneurial Advice From Billionaires

Advice has more value when it comes from the mouth of a billionaire.

In this video, some of the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs who built their business empires from scratch—including Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffett—share nuggets of wisdom for becoming successful in. Despite the adequate video quality, the messages from billionaire entrepreneurs are absolutely invaluable. The overall message? The key to a sustainable, long-lasting business is not just fixating on about the bottom line, but rather creating a people-driven culture with a hard set of values.

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video, inspiration and info source: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/9Ol8DF/:1RA$OSL2r:WMToKfQZ/www.inc.com/ss/10-youtube-videos-every-entrepreneur-should-watch

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