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zaterdag 15 juni 2013

Crash Course Modern email Marketing Make Your Idears Spread Super BlogPost

Modern Marketing…what are we talking about?

So many guru’s, Marketing Specialists, Adword Campaigns, Social Media Tricks, SEO consultants, Underground Marketers trying to sell you all and everything under the sun… Even there GrandMother…

Black hat and White hat software, …Plug-ins, Widgets, Wizards, MLM and Network Membership systems, Courses, VIDEO tutorials, DVD’s, Inspiration and Self-development Groups, Genealogy Methods and Matrix Code SECRETS!

The list is endless…
It drives you BONKERS!
So here is me…

about 10 years ago I had a vision
4 in the morning (R.E.M. time?)…
I clearly saw a structure that blew my mind.

I took some Chinese-Take-Out-Food-wrapping-paper from a few late night meals before…Taped them together with scotch-tape to make a HUGE canvas…Laid it on the tiled floor…took my paint and brushes out…started drawing, …on bare feet, creating all kinds off colored circles and so on …. 

Now 5 in the morning…went back to sleep with a certain deep unrest!
…a Monster was born…

Well, I have to be very honest with you now…
I have to tell you that that epiphany was after some 3 years intense study on…
”How to become the next On-Line Millionaire in Pajama’s”  
Fool that I was!
It was after about 8 years of Amway, Xocai, ReJuvenated, and 40-some other MLM, Network and Direct Sales Organizations!

Countless courses, Fanatic Amway Rallies, Expensive Network Weekends, e-books, tapes, training sessions, mind- indoctrination crapreligious extremists, persuasion tactics….up-line sponsor coaching guidance, knocking on doors and cold contacting practice runs ….AND a whole bunch off REAL and regular model Brick and Mortar Businesses in Bermuda….Still One off the worlds richest and most beautiful countries with Pink Beaches. You make it there…you make it any were! 

Well…I failed in ALL!    
Some more than others…
Learned a lot…spend a lot…became really ill.

Credit cards busted,
….deep in debt…separated from the lovely mother off my children, living apart from my 2 beautiful daughters themselves …loved ones gone…worked 50 to 60 hour work-weeks on top off that…pretty well classically lost it all…including myself

Made Tons of Transgressions… Committed Soul Crimes. …Created a heap off Character Defects….The List seamed endless and overwhelming.

Soooo …I admitted, asked for help, got on my knees yet another time…made a fearless and moral inventory…gave everything over to Him hat resides over us all…made myself available and able….and went to work on all fronts 1day@atime…

Now…2013…and after some 21 years of self honesty work in 12 step groups I can see it was ME all along keeping me away from Success…Me and myself. My ego going haywire…
Failure = ALL Fear based behavior!   …No one left to blame.

Thank God all-mighty! (…or however you call, experience or perceive Him…)

Being an Avatar Self Development Course teacher also helps me seeing clearly that the Only One that Stopped me Becoming and Being Successful was ME and me only!

Necessity is the mother off Invention. 
Never TO proud…Never to late…Never to lazy.  
Every day is anew!  God really Is …with all of us…
I”ll safe you from all the drama.

I am either the biggest looser or the biggest winner.
That off-course ALL depends on How you look at it!

Russel Brunson
Before I go on…I need to take a moment to inform you about this as well…
A small Ode and Thank You to some one special.
It was during a short video clip of Master Blaster Russel Brunson that I realized something.

He, as a guest speaker on some kind off a marketing event, …and without holding back ANY-thing, told the ”Would-be DotCom Secrets Success Seekers” Class (…they paid $3000 to be there)   What he is ”DOING” every week!  He ran us down the exact actions he took!

That was MY Valhalla awakening   

a Kodak moment.
I played that 1 minute (or so) clip of that course at least a 1000 times! …over and over again!
It was what he was DOING instead off all kinds of difficult theories that makes your stomach Grinch and your head spin of your body..that totally mesmerized meset me off on a Funk I am still on to this day!

For the very first time,
so it seemed yet again, …I could clearly see HOW all my dreams and aspirations could and would be able to be realized!
(…Now…Being an Avatar master I create many a moment like that…mind you !…)
Curious about the Avatar Courses? CLICK HERE

Russel Brunson, the One&Only King of Modern Marketing, …Lord of Early Days Dormitory Underground Marketing with a huge Smile…Potato Gun DotComSecrets Hero”the” Mini Continuity Video Tutorial Program Inventor …with all his enthusiasm, a spirit only he can utter…telling us What he was Doing! The guy is a true Wizard! Thank YOU Russel.  
I sure hope to meet you in person some day soon! …I somehow feel that will happen.

I extrapolated that very 1 minute or so, …added missing pieces to the puzzle, mind-stretched-it-out beyond the furthest stars in the Universe….crash-landed and came back on earth again…went to a few BRAND name and Intellectual Property Layers, named Zacco (…then they were still called Shieldmark Zacco) …

…Selected 15 names …Decided to Call it The OticScript…  …TheOticUniversity, TheOticNetwork, TheOticFranchise, TheOticWare software versions, TheOticThis … TheOticThat etc. etc. …the whole project became BIG stuff NOW!

…Wrote a 47 page Ultimate Marketing Flow Script …printed it out on my printer…JUST text…Sold a few copies here and there for 50 euro (no good money back guarantee) each…to some interested network people to have it tried out. No-one came back for there MoneyOn the contrarythey LOVED it… 

I was delighted, for the first time in my life, …to be able to turn Knowledge into hard CASH ! …over and over again…

…I aranged a few real-clever-people auditions to pick out and select a pro-mind mapping specialist who could make sense off all the endless loose all-over-the-place-mind-map-drawings I had gathered throughout the years…clicked with a young genius University professor named Wouter…who studied the arts of education…he again knew a German designer Marcwho was willing to make a real funky on-line prezi-presentation of it… 

I and others could SEE it now!  Planet Marketing in 1 glance…it was, and still is, ABSOLUTELY Gob-Smacking…JawDroppinglyFabulous…TheOticScript was Touchable…Presentable…and Workable! …

Wanne make your own Cool ZOOM IN AND OUT Prezi Presentation? 
CLICK HERE AND SIGN UP FREE!                         Join Prezi…NOW 

(…THE  SAGA continues >>)…By coincidence (God’s way of Staying Anonymous) I met up with a (sort off) ex-Amsterdam Hippy web-duo whom formed a successful Designer and Programmer Team…. They Now my 2 very good friends and trust -worthy partners Robert and ReneWe Made some deals…and started to create a software version of it…and HERE we are!

By the way Every One. Listen Up.
Go Google and type in ”Russel Brunson” will you!…now BUY everything single product or service he has to offer a.s.a.p….and start doing everything he says! Worth gazillions!

The email Modern Marketing BIT is coming…bare with me please…this is important to know!
Being equipped with the following Modern Marketing Wisdom Will put you Miles and Miles Ahead of the rest!

Back to my Vission and what happened…
It went something like this…


It all starts with Keywords…First there was the Word.
Interesting issues, subjects, things, people, products, brands, fashion, trends, music, art, news that is catchy and mind expanding.

…Than go to Google and get some text…CONTENT it’s called…about 200 to 500 words (an article of a blog, a forum comment, or a wikipedia piece etc.) ..and use that as info for the third step… (…like a news reader)


Now After 10 years or so I still just shoot everything and anything worth sharing on my (old) Flip (mino) camera.
Use your smart phone if You please…but JUST DO IT!

I make (about) 27 seconds to 3 or 5 minutes VIDEOS …NOW they are Personal Branding videos. I Upload that to the appropriate YouTube Channel (I have several) … VIDEO scores between 30 to 70% more!…with Personal Branding it’s even more Target Marketing Flipside up…if you know what I mean.


…Than put that VIDEO (with my face on it) on a Blog with that research content of about 200-500 words (random) related to that Keyword generated by Google as well.


…Than SEND the link off that Blog-Post to an article writer whom write original contentespecially for YOU (1 liners for twitter etc, press releases and short articles)…I repeat ”Just for YOU.” ORIGINAL CONTENT is ”the” way to go! 
Well Now…so When you can not effort Article Writers (some are $5 cheap on for example)..but when you CAN NOT effort them yet...Do it yourself! Look and Listen to your own VIDEO and produce those written articles as best as you can. I learn it the hard way too! …and it is lots off fun playing Journalist reporting your own VIDEO’s…You are not only the anchor man, but the writer too! FEELS VERY POWERFULa FREE ego booster!

Now…what is very important is the fact that You give yourself the time Selecting a few very different writers with totally different styles. (again …Budget depending…) In this way You get multiple publication products (articles) attracting several kinds of Readers, Listeners, Likers, Tweeters, Followers, Bloggers and Viewers.

Make It is VERY clear to them that they have to produce several versions like *Social Media One-liners, *140 max character catchy mini blog sentences for twitter, *Short 250 word press releases and articles as well as *Long 1000 or even 2000 word versions. That all depends on the budget You like to spend.

Also make very clear deals with them to put the right hyper links to different Sales Funnels, websites and blog sites (were that same video is on) in between each 4 or 6 sentences. And ”voila” organic traffic into Sales Funnels that are on auto pilot in Drag and Drop  auto responder Campaign Maker software of  Infusionsoft (see short demo video by CLICKING HERE )

BY THE WAY: Get your own FREE copy of my latest e-Book on this subject called SALESFUNNELS123 by clicking HERE

Now comes the FUN part.
  The Home work is done. Prepperation Completed. Now the EXPOSURE part of it all.
Please Witness the most…and 100% Organic Traffic creation that has ever bin seen!

Understand this next paragraph real good:
The Use off VA’s (virtual assistance), via VA-agents, in countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and other upcoming well willing parts of the world is playing a big part in Modern Marketing. I also make use off some of my own Affiliates, Students and Joint Venture Partners.

These people, on their turn, posts those 1 liners, press releases, videos and articles on a very very wide variety well planned out social media platforms, blogs, forums (or Fora?) and all kinds off ways like RSS feeds, video multipliers, on banners, paid and non paid adds, in and on self made web 2.0 free and paid websites made specifically for those issues, niches, subjects etc. etc. etc. (…we call that TheOticScriptLoop …or OticLoop…)

Way advanced versions of those so called On-Line publication OticScriptLoops are done with auto pilot plug-ins, widgets and robots. Making it ”the” absolute largest Organic HyperLink Machine the world has ever seen. 

Some procedures with sub-contracted Human effort, …some totally on auto-pilot.

When-ever a NEW hip Social Media platform, clever software plug-in robot, latest hype MLM system or Publication tool gets invented ….We simply add it on to our Portfolio…It’s that Universal!  It’s that Simple…It IS that Advanced and Versatile!  


Now listen VERY CLOSELY please
Here comes the one off the MOST IMPORTANT PART!
The Money Making Part starts HERE!

Most websites these VA’s, or so called On- and OffLine submitters, place those articles on are MLM systems.
The Hyper-links are mostly ALL off Affiliate or CPA Commission codes and links of Affiliated Programs, Software and Products!  So creating Boundless Income Streams!

100% Hands-Free (build up a % for this off your revenue). Remember ALL YOU do is making a few  VIDEOS(and even that can be outsourced, scheduled and paid for)  

The rest is tottally delegated, automated and taken care off. NO employees…
NO brick and Mortar…NO Limits!   (…read these last 3 small paragraphs at least 3 x please…and let it sink in slowly…)


Some CPA Commissions pay out whopping $1.000 or even $1.500 per member that comes to them via my links. …Could be yours 2!  It’s that simple!

…and that’s not all!

Now the next WAVE goes out...

Other so called VA’s (Virtual Assistance  / I call them my submitters) specialized in the OFF-LINE area like TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Call centers, webinars, fulfillment companies, interview makers etc. …do there round with the same article and Video material on all the on-line websites those Old Fashion Off-Line organizations have in the mean time.  The Moderm Marketing Boat starts rocking!

They place those articles and videos on those sites as well as REAL adds in and on REAL old fashion TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers, and again ALL ORGANICALLY linked back to the on-line Sales Funnels, websites, web-shops and blogs I have running geared with auto responder software like Infusionsoft and aweber (see short demo video CLICK HERE)  (or click >>)
…and ”voila” (French for ”see here”) …Megga Kablink Kabling…

…Now you really have Ultimate On-line and Off-line  MARKETING HARMONY.
EXPOSURE…. The kind and magnitude Never-Ever seen before on the face of this Planet! 

a Bigger and Better way of Total Flow and Overview. Of Total use of New and Old Media Exposure is yet to be invented.  

The next step is owning TV, RADIO, MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS. Owning own Call Centers and so on…Just buy shares I guess. More and more Automation and Evangelizing…game over! 


BUT LISTEN.   The real CRAZY part is coming NOW.
The real fun and bizar part is that we have made this in a software program
and Membership Platform that does most off these elaborate procedures on auto or semi automated ways by means off robots, plug-ins, apps and widgets as well as delegated to those Virtual Assistants …called ”the OticScriptPlatform”

Although I am thinking of giving it a different CATCHY Marketing Name sooooo STAY TUNED and start following us! Pre-Register were ever you see the opportunity come by …and do everything possible to get on board this wild adventure!

…different packages…FREE trial runs, …Profit Sharing Joint Venture agreements, …Affiliation Network Structure and very very Low Cost Start Up Deals available…

Making theOticScript and TheOticPlatform and it’s side kick software ”THE” up-most complete tool and Network ThingumaJigger ….Something GREAT for ANY Small, Medium or Big (and Huge) Company...of ANY niche and type the world over!

Well Now…Not to brag about it, …but all I want to say, and ALL I want to show you…is that we NOW, like never EVER before …Life in a time,  were we can be …or become… just as big as Rupert Murdock on 1 side …and on the other On-line side as clever and exposed as people like Russel Brunson, Derek Gehl, Charles Ryder and alike ALL together ….ALL in your PJ’s at the comfort off your home with 1 single 27 or 3 minute video, a laptop and Internet connection. GO FIGURE!

All is totally delegated or automated! 100% ALL! …And again…for the real Lazy Megalomaniacs Modern Marketers, Media Freaks and Social Media Dare Devils amongst us…even the video part one can delegate and have someone in your network or mlm down-line do for you…they appreciate, most off the time, the extra cash opportunity! Let them have it please. …or go to platforms like etc…  

To Delegate is to Rule!    With ALL respect off course! Up to a Better World!

BUT NOW THE PROMISED PART…The Fully Automated email PART! …almost forgot!
There is more!

Now that You are all over the place On-and Off Line  I’TS TIME FOR the Big Leaque!
The Master Blaster Fun starts ….It’s Sales Psychology Effect Time….  Namely…by means off…

..check out this email CRASH COURSE just released revealing ALL those nifty Secrets!..

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JUST Follow the Yellow Brick road of Modern email Marketing 1VIDEOtutorial@aTime. 

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                  ************ Crash Course Modern email Marketing ************

Lesson 1 (Click Play VIDEO)

Lesson 2  (Click Play VIDEO)

Lesson 3 (Click Play VIDEO)


Lesson 4 (Click Play VIDEO)

Lesson 5 (Click Play VIDEO)

Lesson 6 (Click Play VIDEO)


 Lesson 7 (Click Play VIDEO)


Lesson 8 (Click Play VIDEO)

This was a ”Tell a Friend”…and ”FREE BONUS” EXAMPLE VIDEO (make use off the BONUS underneath here please)

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Lesson 9 (Click Play VIDEO)


Lesson 10 (NO VIDEO) Just a Friendly Reminder to place your credentials beneath every Sales Funnel or Presentation… 

Just a fiendly reminder to close off with Your Credentials.

These are my Credentials…Use Yours…
Close off All your Presentations with them.

Now Please Continue FOR some super XTRA info
From the One and Only Seth Godin himself. 

Lesson 11 (Click Play the VIDEO of Marketing Master Seth Godin)


One off the worlds very leading marketing experts…in One off His most Brilliant TED Talks…

Make Your Ideas Spread…
Be different…and Remarkable!

Lesson 12 (Click Play VIDEO)

There is Gold in The River…
There is Gold in The River!

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Aplaus…Gongrats…I am very proud off YouYou made it.
That is very special.
Pad yourself on your back!   You deserve a Hug!

I see you around on the beaches off the world.

Automated Income Sales Funnels and Modern On-line and Off-line Super Duper Serial Entrepreneurship Marketing is totally gone mad.
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Nice meeting you here yet again or for the very first time.


Rob Buser
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CRASH-COURSE email Marketing with Video Tutorials


..check out this email CRASH COURSE just released revealing ALL those nifty Secrets!..

                  ************ Crash Course Modern email Marketing ************

Lesson 1 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)

Lesson 2 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)

Lesson 3 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)

Lesson 4 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)

Lesson 5 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)

Lesson 6 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)


Lesson 7 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)

Lesson 8 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)

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Lesson 9 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)


Lesson 10 NO VIDEO tutorial
Just a fiendly reminder to close off with Your Credentials.

These are my Credentials…Use Yours…
Close off All your Presentations with them.

Now Please Continue FOR some super XTRA info
From the One and Only Seth Godin himself. 

Lesson 11 VIDEO tutorial (click to PLAY)

One off the worlds very leading marketing experts…in One off His most Brilliant TED Talks…

Make Your Ideas Spread… Be different…and Remarkable!

Lesson 12 VIDEO tutorial -XTRA-(click to PLAY)

There is Gold in The River…
There is Gold in The River!

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JUST Follow the Yellow Brick road of Modern email Marketing 1VIDEOtutorial@aTime.

 (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE ON-LINE zoom presentation VERSION***)
***Click on the FULL-SCREEN OPTION and Use the arrows on your Keypad to navigate and ZOOM in and out any were you like…really cool to do…and SHOW OTHERS

JUST Follow the Yellow Brick road of Modern email Marketing 1VIDEOtutorial@aTime. 

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Aplaus…Gongrats…I am very proud off YouYou made it.
That is very special.
Pad yourself on your back!   You deserve a Hug!

I see you around on the beaches off the world.

Automated Income Sales Funnels and Modern On-line and Off-line Super Duper Serial Entrepreneurship Marketing is totally gone mad.
(see short Infusionsoft demo video )

Nice meeting you here yet again or for the very first time.


Rob Buser
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Wanne make your own Cool ZOOM IN AND OUT Prezi Crash Course or Presentation? CLICK HERE AND SIGN UP FREE! Join Prezi…NOW     
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10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch and How to Use them to Make Money with Them

How do you Use the 10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch to Make Money with Them Yourself ?

Here some basic Tips and Tricks for Entrepreneurs…before you see the videos…

  • Make sure everything presented is on an environment that is linked with something you sell (on your blogs or websites, facebook pages etc…A Blog a day will keep the doctor away!)
  • Make sure everything is presented in a way others know YOU gave it to them as well (sign the article, add a picture or (even better) a video of you on it and put ALL your credentials on it with hyper link opportunities to click threw to your info pages, Infusionsoft Sales Funnels and Web-Shops)
  • Make sure others are motivated (by giving incentives) to send them to others while the others still see it comes from You (Tell a Friend options / viral with 100% FREE eBooks, webinars, 1on1 training sessions on Skype etc. etc. etc…)
  • Make sure it is given with an attitude to really help others to go Forward in Life (keep in mind what other need to have, know or become and make sure you deliver the solutions all the way, how, were, when or with whatever it takes!)
  • Make sure you are spinning all info in a way it makes sense for others to purchase Your Services and Products (…without spamming, indoctrination or pushiness don’t forget to make sure You are being left out. It is oke to sell, oke to charge money for your advice, goods or services. There is Nothing spiritual about Poverty)


My only interest here is to show you that there is another way. These top 10 videos can changes your mind from a follower to a leader.
From a hard worker to a creator. From keeping a chair warm with a set salary to an Entrepreneurial attitude. From idea to ACTION!

With other words …to get you thinking and acting different. To get you off your but and start contributing in life even better than what you are doing now.

THIS will be off NO value when I leave out the tools with How you can do that the best!
So….before you watch these videos I warn you….

  • Do NOT look at them when you want to stay the same!
  • Do NOT look at these videos when you are 100% happy the way IT is!
  • Don’t even consider viewing these YouTube flicks when you are not looking to engage in a more creative process making this planet a better place then when you found it!

In order to contribute and make things worth while I am going to bother you just as long as you let me. I am begging you to click me away, unlike me and even criticize me or un-follow my twitter account.

The one and only commercial I am leaving you with on this blogpost is a software products that made me stay up till 4 or 5 every day now for the last 7 or 8 weeks. 1 software product that made me realize How my dreams and aspirations CAN be fulfilled even faster and easier than ever before.

(see a short demo video by clicking HERE)

Infusionsoft Drag and Drop Campaign Maker.

I am talking about a true ”idiot-proof” Drag and Drop Campaign Maker Interface software.

So between every video I will remind you to either watch a short demo video or download a 100% FREE eBook with great tips and tricks, attent a Free webinar or simply see a real testimonial.

For me the ONLY purpose of educating you in becoming an Entrepreneur via these 10 fantastic videos is to spin you to the absolute most revolutionary software development products I have noticed in the last 10  years. Drive you mad about it! Crazy boners about the one and only Rolls Royce under Campaign making programs that will bring your organization to heights you could have only dared to dream off before.

So sit back, relax and DO enjoy these mind changing videos while also being able to put that what you learn in them into practice.

Here is to your success.
Here is to a better world.

Here is to the future NOW with Infusionsoft Drag and Drop Campaign Maker Interface software helping us making it come true.

Here are the ”10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch” and in between Top Tips and Tricks – HOW to Make Money with Them Yourself ?

Developing the CEO Within You

This YouTube video seeks to help aspiring executives prepare themselves to be strong CEO candidates in the future.

Professor Joseph Bower from the Harvard Business School believes anyone hoping to hold a corner office someday should be able to ask serious questions—and answer them objectively—about their own work and the work produced by the company. Becoming a CEO is all about constantly learning and improving oneself—and later, others—to establish a true role within a company, instead of merely being a placeholder. Bower also recommends that CEOs-in-training take an interdisciplinary approach to networking, thus promoting innovation within the company.

Your TopTip: Use this video as an inspiration video in one off your follow up emails you programmed to be send out on auto pilot to your entire emails list with Infusionsoft. (including your staff, down-line and family)
(CLICK HERE TO SEE LOTS MORE SUGGESTIONS LIKE THIS) on a very special Entrepreneur and Small Business advice Blog Called ”Big Ideas Blog”

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

How can you hire highly skilled workers, persuade them to work for free, and then release your product to the masses for free?

It’s not impossible; in fact, several active companies such as Linux and Wikipedia has accomplished this feat. In this video, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce gives a comprehensive animated seminar on what motivates workers to work, and how to take advantage of that as a business. This video, which is animated entirely on a whiteboard, is extremely valuable, especially for those marketing and sales professionals. The animation is clean, clever, and imaginative, and illustrates the various studies and research used in this piece extremely well.

Your TopTip: Spread this absolutely brilliant animation stuffed with modern wisdom with the use off YOUR twitter account to get more followers.

Muhammad Yunus: The Social Business Model

Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus runs one of the few socially responsible banks in the world: Grameen Bank,

…which provides small loans to poor people and entrepreneurs with no collateral to help them become financially self-sufficient. Yunus, who also serves on the UN Foundation’s board of directors, describes how he created his social business model, and how others can create benevolent businesses of their own. Socially responsible businesses succeed because their bottom lines focus on others, rather than on profit alone—Yunus believes this creates an incredible opportunity for start-ups in many destitute sectors, such as healthcare. “Should we leave everything to the decisions of the profit maximizers, so that their benefit is what decides the world?”

Your TopTip: Get more familiar with Green Banks and send this video in your Infusionsoft email campaigns regularly. Start an info Blog website just on financial advice as an extra topic next to the great products and services you are providing anyway.

Can a “Green” Business Also Be a Profitable One?

While “going green” has been popular over the last decade, many businesses are still reluctant to switch over,

…fearing the cost of installing these systems outweighs the benefits. One YouTube video featuring Gary Hirshberg, president and CEO of organic food company Stonyfield Farm, explains how a business can go green and become environmentally responsible while still being profitable. Since going green 18 years ago, Hirshberg reports that Stonyfield Farm has grown over 24 percent annually—the rest of the organic food industry, meanwhile, is only growing four percent annually. Hirshberg believes non-renewable energy is the most inflationary cost in society, and explains why every project presents an opportunity to practice sustainability and make a difference.

Your TopTip: Really get more clever with your advertising budget and follow up advice given here by Gary Hirshberg. Share it with all your customers, distibutors and mlm network. Help make this world more sustainable. Make more money with less waste. Send this message in your Sales Funnels made with Infusionsoft.
(CLICK HERE TO SEE A Case for Case Studies: Show Off Your Successes)

Seth Godin: Ideas That Spread, Win

In an address to the Greater Baltimore Technology Council in 2006, author, entrepreneur, and marketing expert Seth Godin summed up the importance of marketing with a very simple phrase: “Ideas that spread, win.”

Godin cites how one of the greatest inventions of all time, sliced bread, wouldn’t be anywhere without marketing. In fact, for about 17 years after it was invented, no one bought sliced bread. There was no market for it, and people didn’t know why they would need sliced bread. It took another company, the Taggart Baking Company in Indianapolis, to market the style and make it popular. Taggart’s original creation, Wonder Bread, is now produced by three separate companies in three different countries.

Your TopTip: So…Spread your ideas as well as delivering. Make more money by spreading the Seth Godin videos to your mailing list, on your face book pages and Google Hangouts.
Inspire every one in your organizations to Calls to Action:
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The Best Business Advice on Donny Deutsch Show From the CEO

Before ending in December 2008, CNBC’s talk show “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”

…welcomed in successful businessmen and women to discuss their histories and philosophies, providing great advice for would-be entrepreneurs across the country. In 2006, Deutsch sat down with CEO of Sketchers Robert Greenberg to discuss what distinguishes successful businesses from unsuccessful ventures. Greenberg’s answer? Persistence. “If you start down any road, there’s always going to be a left or right turn. You just can’t see it from the starting line,” Greenberg says. “Just don’t ever stop trying.”

Your TopTip: Be a great example of perseverance, tenacity and resilience. Never give up, never give in. Deliver. Satisfy. Repeat. Earning Your Customers’ Loyalty (and Repeat Business)
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Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

College graduation ceremonies are always filled with inspiring words, especially for those students about to enter the professional world.

In 2005, Stanford managed to wrangle Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs, one of the most successful and innovative businessmen of all time, who offered three stories to the graduating student body. Jobs retells why he dropped out of college, how he got fired from his own company, and how he dealt with his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The common thread linking these stories is the ability to overcome the odds and persevere at the lowest moments in life, a great and encouraging lesson for any struggling business owner.

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Energizing Office Yoga

A number of recent studies have revealed that sitting is worse for you than previously thought.

Too much sitting at the desk causes low blood circulation, lower metabolism, and an increased risk for heart disease. Apart from offices with built-in gyms and exercise rooms, workers have few ways to get their blood pumping during the day. This video offers several ways workers can quietly exercise within their limited desk area. The 10-minute video offers a diversity yoga stretches built for office workers, and while some movements may be embarrassing, these invigorating exercises will make office workers more balanced, energetic, and effective throughout the day.

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How to Craft Your 300-Second Elevator Pitch or Networking Introduction

Making the sale is all about how you structure your pitch. How do you introduce yourself?

What information do you present in the first ten seconds? How do you finish? Executive coach and public speaker Kathy McAfee explains how to properly construct an elevator pitch to maximize your time efficiency. McAfee argues that while showing excitement for your product is important, it’s paramount to show restraint and tease the audience into wanting more. Once you get into the conversation with the audience, McAfee shows how to keep potential investors interested without letting them dominate the discussion.

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Entrepreneurial Advice From Billionaires

Advice has more value when it comes from the mouth of a billionaire.

In this video, some of the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs who built their business empires from scratch—including Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffett—share nuggets of wisdom for becoming successful in. Despite the adequate video quality, the messages from billionaire entrepreneurs are absolutely invaluable. The overall message? The key to a sustainable, long-lasting business is not just fixating on about the bottom line, but rather creating a people-driven culture with a hard set of values.

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See you on the beaches of the world.

Rob Buser


video, inspiration and info source:$OSL2r:WMToKfQZ/

and YouTube

Thank you very much!

Samuel Brannan is the first California Gold Rush Millionaire and Making Money On-line example

Sam Brannan California first Millionaire as an example for Making Money On-line? Success Internet example 1846?
”There is Gold in the River !”
”There is Gold in the River !”

With a bottle off gold dust he walked on main-street shouting…
”There is Gold in the River.”
Set up shop and sold shuffles!

NOW…you’d say….What does that have to do with Making Money On-line?
Well I’ll tell you.

  • What do you do during a recession?
  • What do you do when you are desperate?
  • What is the last thing you get rid off when it hits the fan?

You get rid off your advertising schemes. You get rid off your fancy marketing campaigns, bey bey
to several subscriptions…
BUT….the last thing you get rid off is your TOOLS !!!
You even go on-line and buy more.

Now way you get rid off your auto responder or squeeze page maker.

So…Samual Brannan did NOT go and dug gold but sold TOOLS!…and lots off ‘m.
During the Gold Rush, few miners became rich. But a lot of other folks did.

Brannan was a colorful, energetic figure in the mid-19th-century history of California and especially of San Francisco.
Born in Maine in 1819, Sam Brannan, a merchant, manipulator, real estate speculator and Mormon elder.

Arrived in San Francisco in 1846 aboard the ship Brooklyn.
He brought with him 238 men, women and children, mostly Mormons, and a stock of tools, a printing press, type, paper and machinery for a gristmill. Deep-chested, broad-shouldered, shaggy-headed, his extremely bland features were decorated with fashionable “sideburns and imperial,” and lit up by flashing black eyes.

”There is Gold on the Internet.”
I often wonder what an Entrepreneur like Sam Brannon would have done with a tool like Infusionsoft
when it would have been around in his time. Sure beats slapping a heavy printing press around.

”There is Gold in the River.”
”There is Gold on the Internet.” Automated Income Sales Funnels and Modern On-line and Off-line Super Duper Serial Entrepreneurship Marketing is totally gone mad.
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His dress was dandified, his speech bombastic, his manners coarse, his courage and generosity boundless, reported James A. B. Scherer in his book, The First Forty-Niner and the Story of the Golden Tea-Caddy.

In January, 1847 Brannan began publishing his newspaper, the California Star. By the time Marshall discovered gold, Brannan already owned not only the newspaper, but a hotel, flour mill and store. He opened several general stores, one of them at New Helvetia, better known as Sutter’s Fort.

Noticing that a few folks came to the fort with gold to buy whiskey and other commodities, he realized something was up and quietly began buying and hoarding every article of merchandise he could find in northern California. He of course found a market desperately eager for his products.

Col. Richard Barnes Mason, appointed to the military command in California, wrote in 1848: “The principal store at Sutter’s fort, that of Brannan and Co., had received in payment for goods 36,000 dollars’ worth of this gold from the 1st of May to the 10th of July.”

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”There is Gold on the Internet.”
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Also, seeing his Mormon followers taking out as much as $250 a day each, Brannan made a claim in the name of the church and levied a tax, the “Lord’s tithe,” which, as it just so happened, benefited Brannan more than the Lord.

On May 12, Brannan ran up and down the streets of San Francisco with a bottle of gold dust in his hand, shouting….
Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!”
According to one eyewitness, in a few days time no more than twenty men were left in the whole city. Prices on mining supplies jumped tenfold. After his store at Sutter’s Fort began taking in $150,000 a month, Brannan no longer had need for the tithes.

Brannan was making money so fast that Brigham Young, head of the Latter Day Saints in Utah, wrote to inquire if a tithe might be forthcoming for “the Lord’s treasury.” Brannan’s reply to Young’s messenger:

“You go back and tell Brigham,” he said, “that I’ll give up the Lord’s money when he sends me a receipt signed by the Lord.” Soon after, Brannan lost his standing in the Mormon Church.

Samual Brennan was just like us now, the modern Online DotCom Secret tools resellers via cpa commissons and Affiliate marketing. He in his way also possesed over Automated Income Sales Funnels via his stores. Just like then …now Modern On-line and Off-line marketing harmony is the way of making money. (see short demo video )
Vicente Pérez Rosales, a Chilean gold miner, described Brannan’s store near Sutter’s Fort.
“We saw there a cabin of unfinished boards,
a few huts of woven branches and a short distance away a large store with a huge sign that read ‘Brannan and Co.’ The chief of this establishment was the ex-Mormon Brannan, owner of the evil-omened Dysy-my-nana [a boat], and the possessor of one of the securest fortunes in California at that period.

He was the head or parish priest of his sect on this side of the Sierra Nevada, shrewd enough to take advantage of the labor of his numerous parishioners; having also managed to monopolize a rich tract along the banks of the American, he had become rich in a very short time. It seems that he had no sooner won his wealth than he discarded his religion without replacing it by another, although gossip had it that in order to hush his conscience he frequently said prayers to Saint Polygamy.”
By 1856 Brannan was said to have owned one fifth of the entire city of San Francisco and as much of Sacramento. He was said to have been earning between $250,000 and $500,000 per year, an enormous sum for the times. He became a major landholder in the Calistoga area.
Within several years, Brannan’s meteoric commercial success had made him California’s first millionaire. In 1849 he returned to San Francisco, where he continued his business activity, was elected to the City Council, and played a leading role in organizing the controversial Committee of Vigilance, which served as a citizen’s police force.
Throughout the 1850’s his wealth and influence continued to grow; he became a major California landowner and helped to establish several banks and railroad and telegraph companies. Serious alcoholism and a volatile temperament, however, were his eventual undoing. He lost his fortune and health, as did many of those who first benefitted from the gold rush, and died an unnoticed death in rural San Diego county.

”There is Gold in the River.”
”There is Gold on the Internet.”
Gold Rush Automated Income Sales Funnels
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Brannan had opened more stores to sell goods to the miners (his Sutter Fort store sold US$150,000 a month in 1849), and began buying land in San Francisco. At about this time, Brannan was accused[who?] of diverting church money, including collected tithes, to fund his private ventures. An LDS envoy was sent to Brannan who reportedly[who?] told them, “You go back and tell Brigham Young that I’ll give up the Lord’s money when he sends me a receipt signed by the Lord”, although historians, such as Will Bagley have found this is likely just legend.

Brannan was elected to the first town council of San Francisco in the new U.S. territory. After a series of sensational crimes in the area, he helped organize the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance, which functioned as a de facto police force. A squatter was murdered by the vigilante group and, although Brannan may not have pulled the trigger, he was considered the instigator and was subsequently dis-fellowshipped from the LDS Church for the vigilante violence.

An affinity for whiskey…

…and a bitter divorce settlement finally led to his financial ruin
many years later. Following the divorce, he became a brewer, then developed a problem with alcohol. Forsaking the city he helped develop into San Francisco, he drifted to San Diego, California, remarried and set up a small ranch near the Mexican border, where he engaged in land speculation with the Mexican government in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

In 1888, at the age of seventy, he was paid the sum of forty-nine thousand dollars in interest from the Mexican government.
He quit drinking, paid all his debts, and died without leaving enough money to pay his own funeral.

Death and Legacy
“He probably did more for San Francisco and for other places than was effected by the combined efforts of scores of better men;
and indeed, in many respects he was not a bad man, being as a rule straightforward as well as shrewd in his dealings, as famous for his acts of charity and open-handed liberality as for in enterprise, giving also frequent proofs of personal bravery.”

Brannan died, age 70, in Escondido, California, on May 14, 1889. He is interred in Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego.
Many locations in California are named after Brannan, including Brannan Street in San Francisco, Brannan Island, Brannan Bluff—Table Bluff, Brannan Creek, Brannan Mountain, Brannan Springs, and Brannan River; there is also a Sam Brannan Middle School in Sacramento.
California cities that claim Brannan as their founder include Calistoga, and Yuba City.

In partnership with John Augustus Sutter, Jr. and with William Tecumseh Sherman and Edward Ord as surveyors, Brannan laid out the unofficial subdivisions that became the city of Sacramento.

Samuel Brannan
Born     March 2, 1819
Saco, Maine, United States
Died     May 14, 1889 (aged 70)
Escondido, California, California, United States
Resting place    Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego, California, United States
Spouse(s)        Anna Eliza Corwin

Samuel Brannan, may he rest in peace.
”There is Gold in the River.”
”There is Gold on the Internet.”
A true pioneer like we are now in our times of uncertainty. Than with stores and Gold Fever Tools, Now us with cpa commissions, websites, plug-ins and software.

Rob Buser
more info:

”There is Gold in the River.”
”There is Gold on the Internet.”
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(according to the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 1851, Brannan visited Hawaii, and purchased large amounts of land in Honolulu. In 1853, he was elected as a Senator to the California State Senate in the new state’s capital of Sacramento. He was involved in developing trade with China and financial agreements with Mexico, founding the Society of California Pioneers, and developing banks, railroads and telegraph companies in California. In 1858, Brannan built the first incarnation of the famous Cliff House on the Pacific Ocean in undeveloped western San Francisco.

After Brannan visited the hot springs in the upper Napa Valley in 1859, Brannan planned a new resort for there. He bought land containing the springs in the northern portion of the Rancho Carne Humana, and founded the town of Calistoga, said to be a combination of the words “California” and then-fashionable “Saratoga” Springs in New York. Brannan also founded the Napa Valley Railroad there in 1864 in order to provide tourists with an easier way to reach Calistoga from the San Francisco Bay ferry boats that docked in the lower Napa Valley of San Francisco Bay at Vallejo. The railroad was later sold at a foreclosure sale, in Napa County in 1869.

In 1868, Brannan became one of the principal investors in the Robinson Trust, that purchased and initiated development of the major coastal Los Angeles County land holdings of Californio Abel Stearns, near the San Pedro Bay in Southern California.

In 1872, Anna Eliza Corwin divorced Brannan. He lost much of his personal fortune after his divorce, as it was ruled that his wife was entitled to half of their holdings, payable in cash. Because the vast majority of Brannan’s holdings were in real estate, he had to liquidate the properties to pay the full divorce settlement.
Southern California

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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the making of the actual on-line Sales Funnel
…4 off them remember…

  1. Squeeze page
  2. OTO (OneTimeOffer) page
  3. Up-Sell page
  4. ThankYou+Tell a Friend page
    …using the videos you made in MODULE 3…

    1 SQUEEZE PAGE >>>

OTO (One Time Offer) PAGE >>>
thank you and tell a friend 005  thank you and tell a friend 001

It’s like THE Sales Funnel Marketing DANCE 1234 1234 1234

Choose out of 3 ways:   1 FREE     2 PAID software    3 Have it Done For You

  1.  Use your FREE wordpress website.
  2.  PAID software subscriptions like infusionsoft and/or bestsqueezepages …
  3.  Have them build by programmers and/or web-designers. 

        *** ENTIRELY Up to your budget and/or creativity ! ***

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Proper Squeeze, OneTimeOffer (OTO), Up-Sell and ThankYou+Tell a Friend pages
are an art on itself.
The nuances are very very delicates sometimes.
bullseye 0010  bullseye 011

Cater to different kinds off people I suggest.
Some flash, some conservative, some practical, some more art like…

Do split testing on different e-Mail list Campaigns.
Be constantly adjusting, tweaking and probing.
Use trackers to get proper conversion statistics creating yet better results.

One thing I do know.
When you make your first sales on-line life will not be  the same again.

Come on down and meet the dotcom Auto Pilot Income Entrepreneurs gang.
Have a look on-line how many different forms there are and get started.

Do it anyway.
As long as you have a sales funnel  going.
take action 003  take action 002
Go right in to the frustration zone and …let nothing stop you.

You are a winner any way coming this far.
thums up 003

  3. You have MADE YOUR 4 VIDEOS in MODULE 3

You are almost there!
When that is done…JUST TRAFFIC left…in the last MODULE 5

Traffic in a way you would not expectstep by step …you will be taken on an adventure that will stick to you for the rest off your life. Nothing forced, nothing technical, nothing boring…

NO single thing you can’t do or explain to some one to do it for you. They will totally do it gladly!!!   Every One will like to follow your example!!!

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NOW up to YOU!
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STAY          FOCUSED          HERENOW !
STAY          FOCUSED          HERENOW !

On-line Auto Income Sales Funnels conversion ratios are the main game of any Successful On-Line Entrepreneur. The art of R.O.I. % ‘s (Return On Investment)

Many aspects are a factor to HIGH CONVERSIONS

  • SEO Tips&Tricks
  • Linking
  • Timing
  • Ranking
  • Look and Feel (design)
  • Plug-Ins and Robots
  • Repetativeness
  • Personal Branding
  • VIDEO length and content
  • Quality
  • Originallity
  • Trust
  • Subject
  • Networking
  • Keywords
  • Attitude

etc. etc. etc…..
It really is like Business as Usual.

Put it all together with software like the easy to operate Drag and Drop Campaign Making software Infusionsoft. (see DEMO VIDEO by CLICKING HERE)

Use Analitics Programs (Google Analytics for example)
analitics 001

The real PURPOSE off these 4 MAGIC Sales Funnel pages…
(these are just my observations…go and explore on your own as-well)

1  Squeeze Page

  • Get e-mail addresses!  LIST BUILDING (…as many as you can…)
  • Stimulates the 4 basic instincts of ANY human being:
  1. Personal and Sexual Relations
  2. Self Awareness
  3. Ambitions
  4. Security (Safety, Food, Clothing, Shelter)
  • Pre-Selects Buyers choices (Milk Chocolate or Dark).
  • Revokes Curiosity (promise to reveal a secret…or FREE gift).
  • Stimulates Desire and Interest.
  • Tell ABOUT only (not WHAT it is).
  • Gives every form off previous proven success.
  • Personal Branding and Edification.
  • Makes it Easy and FUN to take the NEXT Step!

2  OTO page

  • Gives a REAL 1TIME offer ONLY!
  • SELL the darn Thing !!!
  • In short tells the prospect EXACTLY what he is in for.
  • Makes the deal irritably GREAT!
  • Give 300% value
  • Scarcity marketing (real time and/or amount limits)

3  Up-sell page

  • Grants the (now buyer) a better version, easier…more. (better terms)
  • Increase revenue. (more money)
  • Sells Joint Venture CPA commission products and services.
  • Expands the services and product variety.
  • Increases the chances for the purchaser to become your affiliate.
  • Increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

4  Thank You + Tell a Friend page

  • Makes your campaign VIRAL
  • Increases your revenue (more money)
  • Broaden your Network (eMail list)
  • Personal Relationship Building
  • Makes for a Better World
  • Keeps the economy going
  • Automates the whole system

(One can Make UNLIMITED pages with Infusionsoft)

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Let us have a look at the real LAY-OUT off these 4 pages:

1  Squeeze Page
SQUEEZE PAGE 002    squeeze page example 003

  • On Top a HEADER
  • under there the appropriate VIDEO you recorded
  • an email OPT IN BOX (the area people can fill in their email address)
  • above that the text  ‘’FREE bla bla bla when you give us your email address” (incentives)
  • a HUGE RED SUBMIT button with action text like ”I am in!”
  •   submit button LINKED to your aweber or infusionsoft auto responder…

2  OTO page

ONE TIME OFFER OTO 001     special offer 001

  • On Top a HEADER
  • under there the appropriate VIDEO you recorded
  • the 2 DEALS in writing
  • …ALL appropriately linked to the offers merchant account pages
  • and or download pages

3  Up-sell page

UPSELL 002 b (1)

  • On Top a HEADER
  • under there the appropriate VIDEO you recorded
  • the UP-SELL DEAL also in writing
  • …ALL appropriately linked to the offers merchant account pages
  • and or linked to download pages

4  Thank You + Tell a Friend page
thank you 0088   FREE 006   TELL A FRIEND 004

  • On Top a HEADER
  • under there the appropriate VIDEO you recorded
  • the TEXT also in writing
  • …ALL appropriately linked to the auto responder software
  • auto email aggregation software
  • or several opt in boxes for friends email addresses.

You can have a look HERE at a demo VIDEO of Infusionsoft.
infusionsoft logo 001 1
Must see NEW technology.
Drag and Drop Campaign Maker Interface software.
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I really like to comment you for a moment…you are doing it…You are making 1 off many ways to Making Money On auto Pilot on the Internet and You are joining the Succefull Serial Entrepreneur Community.

Congrats….YEEE…APPLAUSE…a HUG perhaps!
thums up 007next 002

…Up to the next and last face before you are able to earn your first income.
Just to repeat this procedure with as much products and services you like.
Up to being the next Online    

You are NOW able to make as much money you like. Able to delegate everything when you choose too …or do it your self.   *** NO MORE LIMITS ! ***

…so now traffic >>>
Let’s make some MONEYYYYYYYY…

You are almost there!
***Your 4 Pages are in place. ***Properly linked tried and tested


Traffic in a very unique way …and following order … You would never expect it to be so easy…step by step …A flow off very simple ALL encompassing methods…You will be taken on an adventure that will stick to you for the rest off your life. Nothing forced, nothing technical, nothing boring…TOTALLY FREE!!!

NO single thing you can’t do or can not explain to some one to do it for you. They will totally do it gladly for you !!!   Every One will like and love to follow your example!!! Even the BIG experienced Marketeers and Networkers. They will come to you to ask what your secret is!   I promise.

In a fun and integer way you are going to become attractive. Up to a point you can make any choice there is to make!  LIFE at such… but also making traffic is going to take on dimensions you would only dare to dream off. Whether you Do it your self…just parts for fun or ….100% delegated…it does not make a difference any longer!
NOW up to YOU!

You will be totally amazed by the impact this last MODULE 5  has on your entire life! TOTALLY FREE ! ….. ORGANIC and FUN !

next 001
+   extreme traffic 002   = DOLLAR SIGN 001

extreme traffic 001 next 006
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shoot the videos

in 3 parts…
1 equipment
2 find your form
3 outsourcing

keep it simple …make it fun…

(When it goes to fast and you want to go back to Part 6 CLICK HERE<<<)

shoot the videos
1 equipment
equipment 004

* flip camera
* smart-phone
* home video
* green-screen

* flip camera

Mino Flip camera’s were soooo late 1900…
flip 001

I still remember buying and receiving my first one….
I felt like a movie producer.
Still do as a matter off fact!
Flip camera’s in my eyes still have that…

Not only the original out flipping off the usb connection, the user friendliness, the quality or singleness off purpose.
…Yet when you ever worked with Flip camera’s the feeling working with smart-phones or even big expensive equipment is not the same.

Flip camera’s are magic!

The company stopped producing them…to the best off my knowledge. It is my promise to you I will do my best to start a Flip camera revolution…

Even start a website that just buys and sells Flip camera’s ONLY.

…and when I really look deep in my heart…
…re-start, re-finance, re-plan and re-design the original production and bring them on the market again!
…and that is a promise…
(if it already isn’t done by the time you read this!

Go right ahead and get your Flip Camera out !!!

Limited offer: (normally $27)
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* smart-phone
Smart-phone video possibilities are the most obvious to use right away.
smart phones 001

One of the reasons why Mino Flip cameras stopped making them is smart phones. Now a days smart-phones almost always come with a video options.

So what are you waiting for?
Take your smart-phone and start producing your own personal branding SALESFUNNEL123 videos. You have all you need. Just do it!

* home video

You have done it ….or some one you know done it.
home videos 001
Home videos.
Some one, some were there are home videos off you or you made some off your kids or what ever.

NOW …get that cameras out off the draw and start making your SALESFUNNEL123 videos. Act as if you make a home video.

Behind or in-front of the camera. Have fun!
Do it yourself or maybe even ask your children or wife or husband to do it.

* green-screen

A more ‘’professional’’ way of shooting videos.
green screen 002

Green screen videos are those videos you shoot with a green screen behind it so you can project any thing you like behind you.

Now green-screen is a whole other story…but hold on…

Cheap and very expensive yet very good. (..have a look on google)
Do not worry. You can already start with green-screen video productions for near to nothing.
You  can buy green-screen sets quit cheap all-ready on-line. Editing programs are also plenty available.

With green-screen videos the possibilities are limitless. It is not necessary but a lot off fun to add quality videos next to the other types.

Make-Up, Lights, Quit on the Set…
action 001


Limited offer: (normally $27)
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Time to have a lot off FUN now!

2 find your form

Here are some different forms off video making you may consider using.
acting forms 001
Try out several…Why not?

* in your face

* waist up
* interviews
* screen-shot
* use a prop
* words while reading
* doodles

* in your face

In Your Face videos are those you see on YouTube a lot. Just your head-shot.
in your face 002
Just a face and talking.

That’s what we call In Your Face style.
Every One can do it.

Put your camera on a tripod or a cardboard shoe-box, press the record button, …Start Talking. When you make a boohoo just keep rolling…as if you were there with the other person live!

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a next example off video forms is…
* waist up

Waste Up videos are just what they say…From your waste up.
waist up 001
It’s just a little bit more away from the camera. So people can see a bit more of you.

You can use your arms and hands that way as-well. Waste Up videos are preferred by most pro’s. You do not have to though. Just another way. Do both, do them all.

Experiment and start feeling free with all forms if you please.

* interviews

Interviews is a style or form that sounds more complex than it really is.
interview met flip 001
Just take some one near you and ask:
‘’ Would you be so kind to interview me about …
‘’What the no.1 secret off making money on-line is ?…please’’
…and they will …most off the time.

Ask your partner, daughter, son, neighbor, best friend…
Have them introduce you for example.

It give the videos a new perspective and adds credibility
…and is a lot off fun for the attention seeking ego.

You feel like a specialist and a movie star all in one.
…Which YOU ARE !

* screen-shot

ScreenShots require software.
camtasia 001  jing 001
You can download FREE screen-shot software anytime.
Camtasia or JingProject come to mind.

Screen shots are perfect for showing any image or demo while commenting to what you are explaining or telling.
Most Video tutorials are made that way.

For SALESFUNNELS123 videos it can be used as well.

* use a prop

Using a prop is something you can see 2 ways.
props 001
1 A prop is some thing you use in front off the camera to show or demonstrate the viewers something.
2 Or it can be used INSTEAD off having your face in the picture.

Use any thing…
I’ve heard off people that were to shy and used a brown bag with holes in it to aim the camera to while they acted being in the brown bag talking in a hanky…
Use anything you can imagine…

Be creative…Have lots off fun…

* words while reading

Words While Reading is a form a lot off marketeers use these days.
words on screen 003scrolldeck 002
It had double impact !
The whole idea is to slide show or scroll the words you say during the video also as a screen-shot.

So people HEAR and SEE it !
ear 001       AND      eye 001
That’s the magic off the Words While Reading Style videos
You do not have to have fancy software.
One way is to use paper and markers and just tape the sheets to your kitchen cabinet.

Another way is to use your script on your computer-screen and aim the camera
at your screen while you scroll or click through the right (large enough)
text while talking.

Make it pretty or plain…
Only use keywords or the whole script…
It’s up to You.

Words While Reading is very effective.
hear see talk no evil 001

HEAR no evil   SPEAK no evil   SEE no evil
You can make it any way you want it.
This style really gets you to think more about using the right words somehow.

I strongly re-comment you experimenting with it.

Good Luck and LOTS off creative FUN!

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* mind-maps       *mind-maps       *mind-maps
simple ones…elaborate ones…artsy…elementary…any style…

MINDSET 004    mindmap 001

use or for example…
prezi mindmaps 001       bubbl mindmap 001Mind-Maps are drawings that consist out off a lot off aspect together
…all linked to one and other somehow. Mind-Maps are really…

‘’Your Mind Mapped Out !’’
We all make them. and if we don’t …we should.

Mind-Maps are a wonderful way to put your ideas, your dreams, visions, concept, plans ALL together on 1 sheet off paper (or 1 page on your computer) and are 2 on-line software programs I strongly recommend using to help you make your VIDEOS. You can even record them with fantasia or jing, or use them as a concept tool or as a script.

Mind-Maps have a spiritual up lifting effect.
eye in the sky 001
When ever I get stuck ……I Mind-Map.
Please try this for yourself.

TEST:   Take ANY obstacle in your life, any challenge or upset…
Take a piece off paper and a pen and start making a random Mind-Map. Just put down words, signs, picture, shapes…whatever comes to mind…

And than start seeing connections, draw lines to and from…and circles and arrows…conclusions, insides…

…even bigger or simpler new ideas and new innovations come to the surface.

Stretch yourself…get out off the box…MIND-MAPS
stairway to heaven 001
Mind-Map your mind empty…Go on an Adventure…

* doodles

Doodles are created out off your imagination and are ALWAYS great to use.
doodles 002  doodles 004
Do not ever never be hesitant in using yours or some one else his or her Doodle to express your self.
Doodles come from a place you call your subconsciousness.
There were original creations are born. The place God lives.

Your soul in form.

Use DOODLES to get to a concept…a NEW idea or something original…
A doodle squeeze page video?…Never seen yet! Be the FIRST!

Soul drawings are called Doodles.
Creations off pure value.

To DOODLE saves lives…
Mind-mapping is a form off Doodling
(if such a word exists / now it does!)
…and is there for so unique and popular…

Scan them in or create them straight on your computer.
For every doodle there is a specific type of individual that feels a special connection.
You can touch people that way.

The word individual comes from UNDIVIDED ….
unique 005

Unique = One with ALL!
One with ALL !

The sad reality in this day and age is that we are being bombarded with indoctrination and power mad commercial media giants, power mind-sick politicians, land leaders, criminal businessman and woman …and confused religious leaders
unique 008

It is now so screwed up that even pedagogues and psychiatrists really thing INDIVIDUAL and UNIQUE is being different.
unique 004
…So screwed up that our poor parents (most/if not all war-children) teach us to be UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL as if it is to separate us from the REST???!!
unique 003

Doodles are a very subtle form of art…a subtle way to return to your source being.
Art can NEVER be approved on…

It is original.
You are original !
(made out off the place were everything originate)
drop of water 001

Doodle Doodle Doodle

***Put all those videos in a mind blowing Drag and Drop auto responder software program like Infusionsoft and it will send auto pilot messages with these videos in it to your mailing list whenever YOU choose.
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and also….

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3 outsourcing

VIDEO OUTSOURCING is very possible and payable…
outsourcing 001
Other People are Happy to have the business and creative opportunity.

*,, etc. etc.
* pretty neighbor
* your kids
* actors
* students
* your downline




Outsourcing is soooo entrepreneurial !
Outsourcing is so wonderful when done with the up-most respect and cooperation.
Not only for your videos but for all kinds off aspects off your business it is THE solution.
outsourcing 004

When you can teach others to make a living with the creative process you are taking part off right now …and they are willing to help you do it so you can even do more and more wonderful things in this world…win win.

Right now there are a lot off entrepreneurs making a living by just outsourcing and helping others to do outsourcing for them.

Outsource agents.
In countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Bulgaria, India etc.
this industry is booming.
Small tasks delegated to those that also want to make a living creates whole
life changing patterns and industries.

Outsourcing is THE way to go!
…and when you are new and broke…just start on the other side !
BE an outsourcer and start making some dough Bro!

I’ll give you plenty FUN work and opportunity…  Just contact me.

Online Platforms like…,, etc. etc. are geared for it!

These are names off websites you can find freelance writers, video makers, programmers and web designers…script writers and plain old other entrepreneurial artsy fartsy spirits.

Please have a look at all off them and use your imagination working as One Common Force.
Lots off hand make life easier…
Lots off different skills put together makes you much more than wanting
to do everything yourself…

Please Check out fiverr in particular.
fiverr 001
There every task is done for five bucks.

Amazing quality work done for $5.
fiverr 002
You have to have a fiverr experience.

Promotion Video’s, squeeze pages, article writing, acting, Mind-Mapping, programming….even singing etc. etc etc.
The craziest ideas, products and services offered for a fiverr…

a Great way to get things done you normally would not have.
It also is a clever way to do networking…

I’ve seen entrepreneurs use fiverr etc. to fulfill jobs again for a third party..
Why not.

Use your entrepreneurial  noodle !

* pretty neighbor
With pretty neighbor I mean go and get adventurous.
brad pitt 001    ugly gal 002
Ask a pretty neighbor to do a video FOR you.
Just because… Nothing personal, nothing rude.

Just go and ask a pretty gal or dude to DO a few small VIDEOS for you
…and reward them if you please.
Get them involved and EVEN make them your down-line.
pretty gal 001    ugly man 001
Heck…you are the Entrepreneur.
Just go out off your comfort zone and set up your system
with pretty people on your videos.
When it works I’ll guarantee you they want to be your associates.

Say to yourself or out loud… ‘’It’s not about me.’’
Feel the frustration gently till it’s gone completely…repeat that until there is nothing left and DO it !
So..go and knock on a few doors…have fun…get out off your comfort zone…

* your kids
Well…do I  have to explain…
kid president 001
Come on…I’m talking about Kids ! …say no more !

There is NOTHING more powerful then a kid doing Grownup stuff.
kid president 004
Even when they are a bit older…

It’s still a huge adventure and bonding memory ones done.
Teach your KIDS to teach YOU be the KID again.
Let it happen…give a few hinds and let it happen !

THE KID PRESIDENT…make my day everytime again.
kid president 003
See him on YouTube please    PLAY >>>

TIP: (a useful Avatar Course suggestion)
See the world again trough babies eyes…
Practice this as much as possible. When-ever, Were-ever. 

…and what ever happens…

NOW …Please take a minute and get A PEPTALK !!!! >>>>

The true Story of Kid President

(nice to have you back again…PEPPED UP!?>>> time to move onward>>>)

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* actors

Actors or actors in the making plenty full in these creative times…
actors 001
Visit (live or on-line) a few acting (or regular) schools and studios to introduce yourself.

Tell them your objectives…
The rest will go automatically.
actors schools 001  actors schools 002 actors schools 004  actors schools 005  actors schools 006  actors schools 007  actors schools 008   actors schools 009

Ones actors or actor students see the potential to grow and express them selves YOU become the biggest movie maker you always dreamed about.

Instant feeling off gratitude and glory.

It is marvelous to work with factors and learn from them.
The GUTS they have to feel different aspect and then ALSO act them out…
…is unsurpassed.

Do NOT mistake acting with pretense !
2 complete different ”modies of operatus”…
1=deliberate (faith based and takes guts)
2=stuck in a past-or future creation (from fear based / feels yucky)
real superman 001     pretending 007

* students

Student have tasks from their (for them) often boring schools.
actors schools 003
Maybe make your project one off those tasks.
Be creative with these young minds.
Be open-minded, gentle and comforting.

On 1 project I was working on I had 100% off the individual tasks delegated to a team off students. They were able to work ANY WERE, ANY TIME and WHEN EVER they felt like. Total freedom resulted in 30% more done!
The only thing I had to do was teach them ones...and teach them to teach and delegate and the project took off. This was even BEFORE I had Video Tutorials.

Now the best part! They were paid by a company that was my client while they were building and expanded my Network. All this WHILE we were learning the process we now sell ! (without cheating the contractor)

Delegate Your Whole Online Business

You know. …
When the teacher becomes the student of the student great this happen.

(a commercial) Again, you can use TOP professional auto-responder software like Infusionsoft
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* your down-line

This is for those whom are all ready established Net-workers.
network 001
Those whom have what you call a Down-line.
People IN their Network they can rely on.

Get them involved in the process and perhaps organize a webinar,
…a seminar or friendly get together…

Tell them they will absolutely thank you later …which they will !

You have something life changing to teach them with these suggestions here in our NEW SALESFUNNELS123 NETWORK
network 002

…last but not least (for now)

(next a bonus suggestion >>>)
* back drops
Backdrops are nature, walls, pictures, or what ever you arrange as the back were you are in-front off.
backdrops 008
Use sheets, colorful walls, green screen methods, just beach towels, paintings, posters…existing big ticket brand-name advertisements on train stations
…lights and or shadows
backdrops 003  backdrops 007  bilboards on trainstations 004
Experiment or not at all and let it happen.

When you are in a upper mind set you automatically make good videos with interesting backdrops.  You will notice that in the backdrop.

The world is a reflection off you.

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UP To the NEXT part! Part 8 …
The Making of 4 real Online Pages as your Sales Funnel in which you are going to use these videos…

  • 1) SQUEEZE page
  • 2) OTO (OneTimeOffer) page
  • 3) UPSELL page
  • 4) THANK YOU & TELL A FRIEND combi page

NEXT  next 006


(click HERE to go 1 step back when you want to take your time and see it ones more!) to Part 6


 video 001
This module consists out off VIDEOS A and VIDEOS B.
Script writing =A and …shooting the videos =B.

To go back to part 5 (MODULE 2) CLICK HERE<<<

BUT….Just before we Go onI want to congratulate you.

YOU are doing great! You came a long way all ready! You are not the kind off  person that sits on his or her behind …BUT you take charge off your life. I want to applaud you.   Give you a hug perhaps!

Here is a token off my appreciation:
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So Go On and enjoy this VIDEO part!

* VIDEOS A: script writing
script writing 001

1 script1: SQUEEZEpage VIDEO script
2  script2: OTOpage VIDEO script (One Time Offer)
3 script3: UPSELL VIDEO script
4 script4: THANK YOU AND TELL A FRIENDpage VIDEO script
* VIDEOS B: shoot the videos
flip 002

1 equipment
2 find your form
3 outsourcing

  • Prepare your scripts well.
  • Practice as you go along.
  • Dare to take risks.
  • Do split testing.

(…try 2 scripts in the same sales funnel to see which one converts better and continue with the winner…)
Get into a kind, people loving and giving spirit.
One word can make the difference between a sale or a failure.
One word can mess up the Sales funnel flow or just be the difference why
it is converting so well.
Script writing should be fun and will get you into your creative state off mind.
There are very subtle differences between indoctrination and actually inspiring
some one to purchase your goods and services.
Words and, yet most important, …the attitude with which they are written in, can surely be the reason why some one is teaming up with you as an affiliate.

Keep it simple, kind, true and light…
Let’s start…


* VIDEOS A  script writing
(also text used later with traffic, on sales-pages and in your traffic generating campaigns)
script writing 001

SQUEEZE page-script
SQUEEZE 002  script writing 002

A SQUEEZE page it’s function is to…
1  make people leave there email address    …and…
2 take the next step gladly and full off excitement !

Personal branding and VIDEO convert between 30 and 75 % more.
Thats why you should use VIDEO and show you face. people on the market place or in a shop also show there face.
It is the outsider of your soul.
Here is an example: Just use it!
EDIT what refers to you when it is different than what is written here.
DO NOT LIE…just be the way you are…
Just tell people the way it is.
( VIDEOscript1 SQUEEZE page-script )
example 002

Hi, my name is (…fill in your name)
I love the possibilities the Internet is giving us.
It sure puts us in a position to make money while we reach out and help people world-wide to get what they really want.
To help people ALL over the world better their lives.
It is simply wonderful !
After 10 years intense study, …I am now willing to reveal to you, to share with you …what I believe is the no. 1 secret that will make ALL the difference between making cash on auto pilot or staying broke and having to start over …and over again.
You can have all the products and services you need…
You may have the right mindset…
the best websites…
proper education and the right attitude…
…When you fail to have that which I am revealing in the NEXT FREE VIDEO you still DO NOT make money ON AUTO PILOT on-line.
So go on and Leave your eMail address and I will see you in the NEXT FREE VIDEO…
Go ahead !
Fill in your email address and click that button.
I’ll see you on the other side…
(Get Your FREE copy by CLICKING HERE)
 script writing 002

OTO stands for ONE TIME OFFER.
And so it should be! One Time.
Do not get caught cheating and misleading.
Mean what you offer and  BE REAL.
OTO pages have the nature off being irresistible…the whole idea is that you make it so wonderful and fantastic people can already FEEL the results of what you have to offer.
Do not be shy here… Lay it all out…
Here comes another example you are welcome to use straight away…
( VIDEOscript2 OTO / One Time Offer page-script )
example 002

OK…you did it.
That’s great. Fantastic. Lets get rolling.
Now…It may sound really funny.
But it took me many years of getting lost and confused before I was reminded by one off the worlds most successful Internet entrepreneurs Chad Nicely … that …
You Have To Have a Sales Funnel!
The no.1 SECRET of making it on-line, on auto pilot,
…is Having a proper, well thought out and good running SALES FUNNEL!
It’s that simple.
I am going to make you a deal you can not refuse.
I will sell you my latest Hyper link, step by step eBook How to set up ALL the SALES FUNNELS you need.
Unlimited amounts.
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You get this amazing, all secrets revealing jewel of a hyper-link eBook
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Imagine having ALL the automated cash-flow systems needed to fulfill every dream you’d ever had.
Just stand still a moment and close your eyes…
See yourself all-ready there…
FEEL it!
start right away with this amazing opportunity and DO IT…
Set yourself FREE…
Just click right here…
(add your CPA promo-code HERE)
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  script writing 002

Upsell pages can also be DOWN-SELL pages.

People do not alway purchase the first time. As a matter off fact most need to see, touch, hear, smell or feel something someway or another for an average off 12-15 times before committing. So down-sells are very reasonable to consider. They’ll come back…don’t worry…
An UP or DOWN sell page has its purpose of 1 Granting your customers or affiliates a better lifestyle, …easier, more fun and giving every one the opportunity to live the life you are having…
and 2…make more money!
Take the following script as if its yours…
( VIDEOscript3 UP-SELL VIDEO script ) 

example 002
Well Thank you.
You made right choice.
Very clever!
Before you continue and pay up…
I just like to make life even more exiting by offering you the VIDEO tutorial advanced course version for a discounted price off ONLY $47
In these easy to  follow VIDEO demonstration tutorials I will guide you step by step through the process setting up any product or service SALES FUNNEL you  wish.
Normally I have this 6 week VIDEO tutorial course for sale for $97 ALL over the world…
They go like free ice-creams on a hot summer day.
Sick off reading?
Want to take your own time?
Need some more repetition?
Want to show this to some one else?
VIDEO is much easier…stop and rewind, over and over…
HECK…You can ever show some one whom you pay to do it for you this way…over and over and over again!!!
Now, what else you need?  You decide.
When you decide now…
I am willing to give you a discount off $50
To your success.
I’ll see you in my VIDEO course VIDEOS
You won’t be sorry…
 (Get Your FREE copy by CLICKING HERE)

THANK YOU 001     AND…   

With the last page, the THANK YOU and TELL A FRIEND page you sincerely let people know how you appreciate their trust and inspire them to pass it forward.

In this way your list is growing it becomes viral and you will increase your revenue.
Thank you  and tell a friend pages, again …Like your whole Sales funnel…
…come from the heart!
Go ahead and practice or record right away…Be daring.
Be like a mercy-full God…
( VIDEOscript4:  THANK YOU  AND TELL A FRIENDpage-script ) example 002
Fantastic…and welcome to my inner circle success list.
Thanks for your trust in me.
You did the right thing.
I wish you all the best and i want you to know that I will do my up-most best to keep you informed with more exiting on-line marketing developments.
When there is anything I can do to help you even further please do not hesitate contacting me.
When you know some one else you really grant success on the INTERNET…
Some e who can use making money on auto pilot on-line?
Please…leave their email addresses RIGHT here and receive the newest e-book The OticScript…step by step HUGE traffic made easy …as a BONUS.
(sold for $195)

Stay On…Stay connected…and…
See you on the beaches off the world…
(fill in your name)
FREE 001





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shoot the videos

in 3 parts…
1 equipment
2 find your form
3 outsourcing

Personal branding and VIDEO convert between 30 and 75 % more.
Thats why you should use VIDEO and show you face. people on the market place or in a shop also show there face.
It is the outsider of your soul.

next 004




To return to Part 4 <<CLICK HERE<<


Before we continue…The following…
I Like your undivided attention for a moment please.
Before we continue with getting a big payout commission (CPA) promo code.
And before we start making a few small videos to set up a simple Squeeze Page, a One Time Offer Page (OTO), an Up-sell Page and a Thank You + Tell a Friend Page…

just a moment to really make you aware off …something revolutionary !
I have seen aweber, GetResponse and icontact (…the 3 leading auto responder software programs) grow to become sooper dooper email campaign management systems.

I just beg off you, for a split second for your attention  …so I can introduce you ones again to a very easy, user friendly eMail Campaign manager called…
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INFUSIONSOFT at this moment, is without a doubt, the flagship off auto responder eMail managers.

Infusionsoft features:
Visual Campaign Mapping Drag and Drop CAMPAIGN MAKER Interface

Some thing You HAVE to see yourself to believe it.

I repeat…Drag and Drop Interface. Never seen before !
It will change your Income life forever!  I promise!

The moment I saw this simple Drag and Drop Interface Campaign set up system software of Infusionsoft my life had not been the same.
Honestly fantastic !!!

Now that’s out off the way…We can continue… Image


…also known as CPA Platform Websites!
(CPA’s means ‘’cost per aquisition’’)
As you may have noticed …there are a lot off products and services on-line all ready.
All kinds of Super HOT Services, Software, Programs or regular goods.

Click HERE to receive the whole SALESFUNNELS123  eBook FREE

Most services, software programs or plain old products are promoted on different platforms or made into network structures like, for example, Amway or Tupperware …but than completely on-line.
(on special equipped web sites).

You can also become a resell licence holder and offer other products on these platforms like JVzoo, Offervault, Warriorforum and Clickbank!

The owners or licensed resellers offer these products and services to the world …to also make money that way …in Exchange for commissions.
(…often very big commissions)
$500, $ 1000 or $1500 commissions are not at all uncommon.
Especially membership software companies give huge commissions when you bring in new members.

See the Demo Video Your-Self…Easy and Simple as American Apple Pie

And Expect miracles !
Any one (…after qualifying / which is easy) is allowed to resell anything and get paid a percentage of the revenue (sales) that you generated yourself by recommending products and services to others.
(on-line or else-wise)
They do have to commit though!
You often do NOT get paid just for the traffic !

So really follow up and use your proper proven Personal Relationship Building and Sales Skills.
Take action! Do not wait.
Entrepreneurs MAKE things happen!!!
That is the true meaning of the French word ‘’Entrepreneur’’:
‘’He (or She off-course) …whom makes things happen.’’

We ALL NEED a PepTalk!

ROCKS…THORNS….GLASS!   Time to DO something…
I want to be in the one that leads to AWESOME!

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CPA Commission codes …This is called affiliate marketing.
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The world is your oyster…The pearls are for the taking…
You are the master cultivator.

You can set up as many SALES FUNNELS as you want.
It  NOW all depends on YOU yourself  …How much you earn!

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Use the promo-links as hyper links in your campaigns content.
A big amount off real big Money Earning Successful Internet Entrepreneurs gather here.

Go and make relations and work together on Joint Venture agreements, Affiliate deals and make use off ALL the info, Tips&Tricks the offer.

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You are NOW in the major league.

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So YOU can get paid YOUR commissions of YOUR traffic !

This linking is done with genealogy software (family-tree systems) and matrix software (calculation systems) …so they can figure out who is sending who to calculate your commission.
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Get the picture?
DO YOU Get the feeling how  POWERFUL this REALLY is !!!

Close your eyes for a minute and feel yourself all ready living the life you really want.
NOW you begin to start getting the REAL way to life it!
Do regular visualizations this way. IT REALLY WORKS!

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It is this simple !

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Just start driving traffic…
Create Visitors (traffic) any way you can and Earn Money Right Away…
(perhaps after having made your Sales Funnels complete)
In The OticScript (my 1st eBook) ..and a little further IN this e-Book or article
I will tell you EXACTLY how to get unlimited amounts of people to your SALESFUNNELS123 or other promo codes and Sales Funnels.

There are many CPA platforms in the mean time.
I am suggesting you use one 1 first and do 1campaign@atime

Just get familiar and sign up for FREE.

Here are some respected marketeers you can look for in order to start getting to know them and do business with:

Ronnie Nijmeh
Robert Kennedy
Peter Deg
Tony Sheperd
Simon Lim
Michael X
Phillip M. King
Mell Kryger
Susan Whitehead
John Tanner
Rich Rojas
Phil Hederson
Mike Dibos
Richie Reveley
Irwan Rohaizad
Joe Chengery III
Chris Diffort

Please give my regards to them.
It is a matter of granting each other the best.
Helping one and other !
Let’s stay in the Higher Mind Modi and stay creative versus competitive!
This way we can truly make a difference in the world.

I DO suggest you ONLY start with 1 CPA commission Affiliate Platform at this moment. Create your first cash flow before going to the next. Finish 1 whole SALESFUNNELS123  5 MODULES procedure first before expanding. Just see how fast you can manage though.

Here 3 other trustworthy professional affiliate CPA platforms to consider and play with:


Have a look at this one HUGE platform too please:

Shop around and make your self at home.
Get in the grove…the money making on-line marketers grove…
$500, $ 1000 or $1500 commissions are not at all uncommon!
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Rob Buser
Lets get on with Part 6: MODULE 3 VIDEOS >>>>click HERE>>>>> Image


Finish 1 simple task after the other and you will be amazed before you are half way threw.
What we need first…is some basic accounts set up…

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Some handy TIPS to seriously consider:
* Use your email address as your user name and the same password for all accounts PER NICHE OR NETWORK to avoid becoming mixed up in the future.

* You will need to really keep it simple in the beginning. You will have many separate Sales Funnel campaigns going IN THE NEAR FUTURE with different niches and different network organizations.

* Keep your basic user names and passwords the same for each niche, product or network ….
… yet different for different new niches, products and network organizations.
In this case you can identify them better and respond more appropriately.

* It all starts with a separate FREE email address that you than use to set up the rest off the accounts.

Please go ahead now and register yourself for these basic on-line accounts…

A good beginning is half the work.
Take your time!

Set it up correctly right from the get go….
You need these accounts later…don’t worry I will explain WHY&HOW…just do it please…


account 1: an Email account

account 2: a YouTube Channel account

account 3: an Auto responder account
aweber ($1) only

– OR –

WARNING: You will be spoiled rotten when you see the Infusionsogt Promo VIDEO !

INFUSIONSFT is the OTHER strongly suggested OPTION

account 3: Infusionsoft
(instead off the aweber account)
The very best auto responder, page maker and sales funnel system there is at this moment !
DRAG and DROP Campaign Maker Interface Software.

Auto Pilot Money Making Sales Funnels and with 1 push off the button

Within minutes you are now able to construct a water tide Sales Funnel by simply Dragging and Dropping your Component Icons and Infusionsoft puts it into place!

Never has it been so easy to set up as many Income Cash-flow streams like we are now able to do so with INFUSIONSOFT !
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account 4: a Merchant account

account 5: a WordPress blogpost and page maker account

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and / OR (…when you go for the VERY BEST)
option account no. 6: a Special SqueezePageMaker software account
(instead off the wordpress account)
(now limited offer for $13.50 per month)

Apply here for a credit or debit card when you need one.

american express:
(debit card)

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delegate 006

let’s get to work…
(forward to the QUICK START version at the very end off this eBook when you want to start in a hurry without learning to much…)

For about 10 years now…
I  studied online marketing. I followed seminars, webinars…bought self development and underground marketing products and services for over $100.000.

Wrote my own eBooks, had software been produced, .
..made mindmaps, uncountable video’s.
Day in Day out…Night time, Day time
Listen too, followed up and plain old failed or succeeded.
Made and lost millions.

Dynamic Websites, Organic Traffic, Plug-Ins, Widgets, Joint Ventures, Affiliates and plain old White-Hat and Black-Hat criminal bullcrap.
White Hat, Black Hat, viral…atomic…bombastic…

You name it …I went for it.

Here are some cool very interesting free videos on the subject…

Only back down and out once more, …1 second away from disaster, …I again realized and remembered wise words spoken by one off the worlds Biggest and Best Marketeer… He simply said:

You have got to have a sales funnel !

So here we are…Sales Funnels…Sales Funnels…Sales Funnels!

What’s on the agenda?   Sales Funnels!
What’s on the menu?  Sales Funnels!
What am I dreaming off?   Sales Funnels!
Day in Day out…   Sales Funnels!

A Brand NEW Drag and Drop Sales Funnel Making software program is Infusionsoft. It Pretty well is the very best All In One Campaign Maker you need! Have a Look at a game shifter video demo CLICK HERE to WATCH A QUICK PRODUCT DEMO

Get the picture ?!

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Including Video tutorials, screen-shot demo’s and the right links to Underground Money Making (legal) websites to get what you really NEED to be a Money Making Successful On-line Marketeer.That NOW only depends on your own Personal dreams and aspirations.


***Please follow the top money making marketeers 5 module yellow brick road to making money on auto plot step by step and on-line income is on your way as-well…

You can always learn some more by watching these short informative Free videos before you continue.   >>CLICK HERE TO BE PLEASANTLY EDUCATED<<

Finish 1 simple task after the other and you will be amazed before you are half way threw.
Every one can do it!

What we need first…is some basic accounts set up… THAT’S MODULE 1 in the next Part.

I will see you there…


Rob Buser
…will continue in SALESFUNNELS123  Part 4  CLICK HERE >>>